Tuesday tip - Eat outside the box!

This week's Tuesday tip is inspired by the warped mind (or palate) of my good Topshop-buddy Brendon. Whilst out for my birthday drinks the other night, Brendon just casually revealed he liked to eat the occasional mashed potato sandwich. WTF?! As the conversation progressed, another bizarre recommendation came in the form of microwaved crisp sandwiches. Brendon suggests you butter bread, microwave it so it's slightly soft and then make a crisp sandwich with the moist bread. Mental!

Here he is (Excuse my drunken phone photography skillz!)

Brendon Blumenthal's ideas did inspire me to share some of my own (and your) weird and wonderful food habits. I absolutely love food. Almost nothing makes me happier than eating an amazing meal or snack. Hearing people's food quirks makes me really excited because they are so much more interesting than your average chocolate bar! And it's nice to know that when it comes to food, we're all just a big bunch of freaks.

I've updated the post with some of my favourites of your freaky food suggestions!

My suggestions

♥ Walker's Salt & Vinegar crisps dipped in Philadelphia - Weird at first but totally addictive!

♥ Microwaved Minstrels. Astonishingly tasty. Just chuck some Minstrels in a bowl and microwave for about 30 seconds or until you can squeeze one and it squishes gooey chocolate out. I know it sounds gross but trust me on this one...

♥ Marmite and grated cheese on crumpets. My number one obsession snack, as any of my Twitter followers can validate.

♥ Grill some cheese on toast, put a slice of Bernard Matthews Turkey ham in it and add salad cream. I learnt this from an ex. Along with the fact that Leopards never change their spots. Ha!

♥ Tuna and Onion Marmalade sandwiches. I used to make this at a lovely cafe I worked at in Bexhill called C-side. You can get Onion Marmalade at most delicatessens.

Roxy's suggestion

♥ Candy Floss - Just an normal treat for us humans, but super exciting for cats! I accidentally found this out when Roxy surreptitiously helped herself to my bag of candy floss whilst I was watching a film once. Probably unhealthy, but kind of adorable to see a cat eat candy floss! I think it's the melting consistency that she liked. Don't look at me like I'm a bad mother! It was a one off :)

Alex & his mates' suggestion

♥ Alex: Sugar sprinkled on toast.

♥ William: Honey and Marmite sandwiches.

♥ Keiron: Mashed potato and vinegar sandwiches.

Your suggestions

Sarah Mia - Remove the stalks from mushrooms and fill with Salad Cream.

♥ Bryony - Stuffing and Cheese toasted sandwiches.

♥ Hannah - Tuna (plain) and Jam sandwiches. (Hannah discovered this whilst trekking in Zambia when tuna and jam mixed on her knife!)

Emma of Daisy Chain Adventures - Maize Onion rings dipped in Philadelphia.

Emily of My Fashion Life - Here's Emily's plethora of suggestions! Refrigerated Cheese & Onion Mccoy's, microwaved Cheese sandwiches, Pickled Egg in a bag of ready salted crisps, Marmite and Cucumber sandwiches, smashed up Beef & Onion crisps eaten with a spoon. (Haha! Madness!)

♥ Edward - Fish finger, Potato Waffle, Bacon and Cheese sandwiches. Sounds insane!

♥ Alex of Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks - Ready salted crisps (ideally Pringles) dunked in chocolate buttercream

♥ Katie of Katie's Beauty Blog - Sugar and butter on crumpets/Ham and Coleslaw sandwiches (Yum! Definitely trying both of those!)

♥ Kenners - Cheese and Chocolate cake (Anon also suggested Cheese and fruit cake)

♥ Rachel of 'Cause I'd Rather Waste My Life Pretending - Prawn Cocktail crisps and Kit Kat sandwiches (Surely you guys are making some of these up!?)

♥ Sophie of Sophie in Technicolour - Apple slices on toast with grated Cheese on top.

Thanks for getting involved, guys! All these ideas have made me super excited for my next food shop :D



  1. OMG! Such ODD suggestions! Some sound delicious (microwaved Minstrels) and some just plain crazy (sugar sprinkled on toast?!!).

    My favourite snack is two Herta frankfurters and a hunk of cheese, sometimes followed by a bag of crisps. YUM.

  2. aw i feel like i'm the weird person for not having a strange food combination, i need to start trying more things!

  3. A teenage work favourite amongst my friends and I was chicken Pot Noodle with mini eggs chucked in until the choc had dissolved. Don't think I could face it now though!

    I'm partial to pea or beetroot sandwiches but can also strongly recommend ready salted crisps (ideally Pringles) dunked in chocolate buttercream (seriously, try it!)

  4. I have to say, some of this stuff sounds rank! A pickled egg in a bag of crisps - yeeeurgh! Each to their own I suppose...
    Loving the idea of microwaved minstrels though!

    I'm not sure how weird this is but Nutella spread on digestive biscuits is yummy. Ooh Nutella on croissants too (microwave them first so that they're warm and then it goes all melty when you spread it on!). And Nutella mixed with Vanilla ice cream! To be honest, Nutella on pretty much anything :)

  5. i'm not a fan of weird food... i'm very barge to eat but i think the more bizarre thing i eat is my pizza microwaved sandwesh, and it is not weird like that, i think...

    by the way i loved the candy floss for cat, i'm gonna give it to mine, heheheh!!!


  6. I used to chuck haribo into whatever my friend was eating at the time (usually a potnoodle) she seemed to like it... x

  7. My suggestions - sugar and butter on crumpets (Although this is pretty normal in my household, its the only thing we ever put on crumpets!

    ham and coleslaw sandwiches - is that weird? I love it anyway!

    I can't think of any others right now, aha! X

  8. Cheese and chocolate cake. The textures really compliment each other well, as does the slightly chalky-ness of the cheese and the sweet of the cake.

    Left over chilli on toast, covered with cheese and then grilled. Also tuna and salad cream, sod tuna mayonnaise, salad cream is far superior.

  9. I second the 'cake & cheese' comment above, but I prefer fruit cake (the kind you get at christmas covered in a mile thick of marzipan and white icing). Remove the icing and serve it with a hunk of mature cheddar and you have the mac daddy of snacking.

    Oh and Yorkshire puds with raspberry vinegar!!


  10. Pate on brown toast, pate on crackers (with onion marmalade), Pita bread filled with cream cheese + onion marmalade + sun dried tomatoes. I was once told how to make this amazingly simple and delicious dip at a dinner party too - a whole block of cream cheese covered in a whole bottle of sweet chilli sauce and then eaten with whatever crisps you like (I think we had kettle chips). Oh and my cousin swears by sweet sultana bagels filled with cream cheese and bacon.


  11. Oh and my cat loves salt and vinegar crisps...

  12. Plain digestive biscuits or the oaty ones with slices of banana on top are heavenly! Or balls of mozarella on their own, from sainsburys basics, they will definitely be the death of me!

  13. some of these i'll have to try!

  14. Prawn Cocktail crisps & Kit Kat sandwiches!

  15. i love toast with butter and HEAPS of white sugar! it's so bad for you but so tasty!!


  16. hmm i'm really hungry now! i love crisps on any sandwiches, ham & cheese are the best. i don't really have any weird food combos though....

  17. I once saw a guy at a BBQ being dared to wrap skittles up in a slice of Dairylea cheese. Being the impressionable girl that I am, I tried it myself... It's gorgeous! (I'm sure any old cheese would do the trick)
    Nikki, xo.

  18. It sounds nasty but naan bread, peanut butter and sliced banana with a sprinkling of M&Ms is delicious. So is chocolate spread on cheese pizza... don't knock it till you try it :D

  19. Hi

    Got an odd one and a truly yummy one.

    Try brown sauce on freshly buttered toast, or brown sauce on ham and toast, both equally as tasty.

    And, for the yummy one, take a chocolate cookie, place a marshmallow on top and microwave for about 10 secs..... heavenly but be careful as its also a little like molten lava when it first comes out!

    Our cat loves, like obsessively loves, the pink and white nougat he climbs all over us to try and eat it!

  20. Brilliant. A personal favourite is baked beans with vinegar. Don't ask. Am definitely gonna try out a mashed tater sandwich though!
    Also, included a cheeky link to one of your Tuesday tips recently, hope you don't mind!!!

    Danni xxx

  21. ALL my friends love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches... tried it once years ago and can't say I felt the same!


  22. I love food! I seriously think about it like most of the day. I don't know of any weird combos I like to eat but I do have a fondness for tartare sauce (or mayo) and ketchup with chips (dip into tartare, then ketchup, then yummm) maybe that is weird, but I don't feel embarrassed lol. x

  23. Yorkshire pudding filled with macaroni cheese!

  24. lusting his outfit!! Great style.


  25. So I'm just having a stalk of your Tuesday Tips atm (they are v handy) and came across this one, and yeah basically, everyone I tell about this seems to find it dizgust, but haribos and peanut butter are actually the nicest thing. Remember in Parent Trap when they talk about both loving Oreos and peanut butter? Well when I was about 8 I'd never heard of Oreos, and instead assumed they were talking about haribos (obviously), and discovered the beauty of the combination.
    Lavv your blog, and cheers for making me feel slightly less weird about my eating habits. x

  26. Load a slice of bread with cheese, tuna, onion and sweetcorn, then grill.
    Tomato soup and quavers.


  27. Oh I am loving this!! My odd ones have to be...

    -Peanut butter and marmite! on top of toast or crumpets! Tastes just like twiglets!
    -Chocolate spread and peanut butter sandwiches!
    -chocolate spread and marshmellow on top of a disgestive biscuit!
    - oh and cheese on toast, but before I put the cheese on I put tomato puree, oregano, and some times slices of meat. the pop the cheese on top and whack it under the grill -its like a pizza then :)


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