Outfit repeater!

All I want to wear every day is my H! jumpsuit. Have worn it on 3 of the 6 days I've owned it! It's just so perfect... Baggy round the tummy so my pot belly is cleverly concealed, pockets perfect for sneaking sweets on the shop floor at work... It's such an all-rounder!

Alex took this outfit picture after I got in from work, I think the 'beauty' mode was on so it looks a bit blurry! I'm wearing my new handbag from the previous post. Oh, and my new knuckle duster ring from Topshop! I love it!

Today was nice, I went into town early, before work, and spent a bit of my birthday money, which included buying my first ever maxi dress!! I'm going to wear it tomorrow to the zoo with my friend Jen, so hopefully I can post a [less blurry] outfit picture of it tomorrow evening!

Hope you all had a nice day too. I'm going to watch the new series of Mary Queen of Shops with Alex now, whilst gorging on a big bag of Maltesers (£1 in Tesco, as are big bags of M&M's... FML)!



  1. You look fab here! LOVE that jumpsuit, so fab. And your hair and makeup is gorgeous! Pretty lady. x

  2. Thank you for the mammoth reply comment!

    I am going to try & post more often.. although I keep saying that, & it's not really happening.. we'll see. Soon! It'll click back into place soon I'm sure..

    I'm not surprised that you want to keep wearing that jumpsuit, it looks bloody amazing on you :)

    Can't wait to see your birthday purchases..
    I've bought .. 5 (oh my God!) maxi dresses recently.. & haven't been brave enough to wear any of them yet! I'm terrible, I really am.

    I've just finished watching 'Mary Queen of Shops', which is another of my fave programmes! (We obviously have quite similar taste) - I've gotta say, I was disappointed when it first started, that they've branched out from fashion/clothes shops/boutiques, however that awful woman made up for it - what a nightmare she was! Urgh. She'd blatantly only got them in because she thought she'd get her floors & ceiling done for free! Honestly, what a woman. Entertaining though!


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  4. yeah! i saw you wearing your jumpsuit on the other post, but i don't remember if i comment on it... i have that bad habit of read a post and forgeth to comment... so i thought it was wondefull the first time i saw it and i understand you completely by using it all the time!!!

    so if i realy forgeth to comment before... happy birthday!!!
    xoxo lady

  5. Great minds think alike -- I have a three-peat in my latest post.

    You should get my swear rings to wear on your other hand...

  6. LOVE the jumpsuit, that print is so gorgeous! Looking back at your last post - so glad you had such a great birthday. It sort of sounded fairly unplanned and spontaneous; just wandering around and discovering new things as you went along. Exactly as a birthday should be! Have fun at the zooooo! Take lots of photos with your snazzy new cameraa!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. I really love your knuckle duster!(no pun intended lol) :)

  8. oh pockets! i love anything with pockets, aren't they good for work?

  9. Exciting news about the maxi dress! I've just got one but being a midget I've had to send it off to Mum to be taken up about 5 inches so I don't break my neck on it.

    You really suit that jumpsuit :)

  10. Love this whole look but especially the ring!
    Wish I was brave enough for a jumpsuit, but have only just had the courage to buy a playsuit...maybe next year!x

  11. Just stumbled upon your blog. You have a very striking face which is more impressive than your jumpsuit.
    Jumpsuit with pockets - tickles me fancy:-)

  12. If I had that jumpsuit I'd wear it all the time too!
    Lovely blog you've got, thanks for all the inspiration:)

  13. That jumpsuit is great on you! Can't wait to see your maxi!

  14. I tried this on and really liked it but... I needed someone there to tell me if it really suited me.

    You look really nice in it though!


  15. Maltesers are my fave at the moment, I eat a whole bag on my own, its depressing, but delicious! ♥ x

  16. cute! and so nice ring!!

  17. I tried the river island version of that knuckle duster on the other day and got my finger stuck in it...oh the shame!!

    Love the jumpsuit!


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