Outfit & chit chat

Must be quick because it's almost time for Come Dine With Me (♥)

Here's what I wore today. Sorry the picture is crap, I just can't figure out how to take decent outfit pictures with my new camera. I think I'm going to have to go back to the old camera for outfits, and use my new one for days out and events.

(Leotard - courtesy of Blue Inc, Skirt - h&m, Socks - Topshop, Shoes - Charity Shop)

Good things about my day:

♥ Am tying up all the loose ends for an EPIC giveaway. Loads of different prizes up for grabs, you're going to love it :) I'm hoping to launch it at the beginning of next week!

♥ I finally booked in to get my eiffel tattoo re-inked. Was meant to get it done a couple of months ago but they ran out of time and I never got round to re-booking it. Scared but relieved because it healed really badly and now looks so faded.

♥ Got a free Benefit concealer pencil with Glamour magazine, have just tested it out and I love the texture and colour, but will have to properly test the longevity tomorrow! I always think Benefit face products look great for the first half an hour and then it's all down hill from there. We shall see...

♥ Bought some dark brown hair dye because my colour has gone a bit wishy washy. I tried to use another brand last time but am returning to Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL. It always goes black at first, which I hate, but it settles down to a really nice shade eventually! (FYI - The shade I'm yapping about is Bittersweet Chocolate).

♥ I had a Pringle and ham sandwich, inspired by the crazy suggestions from my last Tuesday Tip. It was rather lovely!

Have you had a nice day?

I'll be back tomorrow morning! I have a day of nothingness ahead of me so expect at least a couple of blogs. I've got SO much to blog about at the moment, there just aren't enough days to do it all!



  1. not a crap outfit, really like it. ohhhh pringles and ham sounds nice

  2. Fab outfit! As a complete sockaholic I think those excellent socks are my favourite thing about it - is that weird?

    Ah Come Dine With Me. How much fun was the WAGs special? I didn't think the footballer one tonight was nearly as good. Far too full of silly men being gross.

  3. Love your spotty socks!

    I forgot 'Come Dine With Me' was on again tonight - I did watch the WAGs one last night though.. pretty cringeworthy in places!

    I'm definitely going to have to keep an eye out for Glamour mag - have seen it mentioned on a few blogs now..

    Looking forward to hearing more about your giveaway - sounds great!


  4. i just love a brogue! can't believe you found those beauties in a charity shop. ha!

  5. Lovely outfit, I really like the shoes :) I plan to test my benefit concealer tommorow aswell! x

  6. I love crisps on ham butties, never tried pringles before though! I was eyeing up the free benefit things today but I wasn't sure if the make up would be that good. I like some kinda gorgeous but badgal mascara is really clumpy and horrible.

  7. Very cute leotard, I love leopard print. :)
    J x

  8. Anything is better with Pringles!

  9. I love the leopard print in your outfit, as well as the socks!

  10. Really love the leopard print leotard! What is your natural hair color? I always thought it was dark!

  11. I have both of the World Cup Come Dine With Me specials Sky plused for my Sunday morning veiwing pleasure! Love the leotard and cannot wait for your giveaway!

  12. Love Come Dine With Me! I lvoe your leopard print top, and the cute socks!

    ps the Lanvin tote I posted on my blog was a truly ridiculous £470!

  13. Leopard print looks good on you

  14. I absolutely hate it when the colour comes out really dark then fades to the actual colour like after a week! Your hair always looks lovely though.
    Nikki, xo.
    Toxicated Kisses

  15. Super cute socks! <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  16. Just a quick question lovey - where do you get your tattoo done/re-inked? I've had a similar problem with it not healing smoothly, hence some white bits which are a little bit scared. Still need to get mine done but I don't especially want to go back to the same place as before.... any suggestions?

    P.S. Lovely maxi in the previous pic btw! Have you thought about wearing a top over the top so as to wear it as a skirt too? They're ultra-versatile, I'm obsessed with mine!

  17. Ohh that's the hair dye I use! You're right about the black to brown thing haha x


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