New nail art heights!

Good morning all!

And a special hello to my fellow world cup widows. My boyfriend left our flat a minute ago to watch the opening ceremony at his mates house and won't be back until 10-ish. There's 3 matches a day for the next couple of weeks, so I won't be seeing much of him! I'm going to embrace my new-found singledom and hunt down and seduce Russell Brand spend my time posting lots of lovely blogs!

So, onto the nail art! My wondrous friend Jen bought me some great presents for my birthday to extend my nail art repertoire! Firstly, the Mavala nail correcting pen. I am totally cack-handed and am forever dipping cotton buds into nail polish remover to correct my cock-ups when painting my nails. It's a messy affair and is never very precise, you end up removing half the paint off your nail and having to start over! So I am chuffed to bits with this pen. It comes with 3 replacement tips too, which is excellent.

The other gifts were these cute little nail stickers (available from Boots). You stick them on and pop a top coat over it and voila! Floral and/or bejewelled nails! It's so simple and looks so cute. Here are the stickers and nail correcting pen along with the other bits I used to create my look, below.

(Topshop nail paint in The Big Easy, Nails Inc Caviar top coat)

My nails look a bit dull in the picture because the design is a few days old now and needs another topcoat to smooth and gloss it up. I also have matching toes, which I never do but it feels so nice to have matching tips and toes... I feel like a proper girl! Shame it isn't exactly sandals weather at the moment though.

Whilst we're on the topic of nails, do check out Cat's interpretation of my leopard nails on her blog Cat's Little Obsessions! I seem to have totally lost my leopard nail mojo, and can't do it right any more! I think it could be because I changed liquid eyeliners... :( I might just do it on my toes, that's a lot easier!

Have you got any good nail art recommendations? I've heard a lot about Konad nail stamps, have any of you tried them? The youtube video tutorials do look amazing, but I'm not sure whether to invest...


  1. You and your nail polish addiction... it looks fantastic though!

  2. awww thank you so much for the mention!! i really appreciate it :) xxxx

  3. Love it :)
    Really want to start doing some nail art stuff. Am desperate to get out of work and down to Superdrug/boots. Haha xx

  4. I really need to pay more attention to my nails! They have been naked all week!! Love the little flower embelishments! When I did my leopard nails I used glittery eyeliner to make it all sparkly :)

  5. What a fab gift - I want one of those pens! Your nails look lovely, that colour is really pretty. x

  6. Your nails look gorgeous! Really pretty colour :)

    I want to get some stickers for my nails, because I really want to be more experimental, but I just don't have the patience, steady hand or creativity for it! So figured they're an easy solution - I just want cheap ones though, in case I don't like 'em!


  7. your nails look so pretty!

    i've tried doing my own nail art, but completely failed =(

  8. Pretty nail designs! I do nail art on my blog too :) http://www.leiasdelights.com/search/label/Nails

  9. When I tried the leopard print nails my right hand was a fail, it basically turned out nothing like leopard print. Those stickers look like way forward for my shakey hands!

  10. omg that 'konad' technique is soooo amazing!! it's proper next level nail art thinking -so clever!

    where can you buy those konad stamps?

    I kind of wish the designs konad have would be a bit more 'contemporary' if you know what i mean? (-like the designs look a bit old fashion nail manicures?)

    thanks Gem for posting about this! So interesting and just what i need to get away from the football mania!

    love love


  11. *oop!

    not to worry! i found where to buy the konad stamps from the youtube link lol! -sorry i wasn't looking carefully!

    Louise xxx

  12. oh i love these! i used to have one of those nail corrector pens, they are such a good invention. i really need one again. me thinks i shall have to pop to boots this weekend...

  13. LOVE the idea of the Mavala Correcteur pen. When I get paid I may have to invest in one! I do think that pretty nails make you feel a lot better, always get compliments at work with nice nails!
    (I posted the blog about your blog, hope you like it!)
    Nikki, xo.

  14. I am RABBISH when it comes to nail art. Although I am a bit of nail polish whore. The topshop nail polish suits you well. Bought the Parma Violets one and I cannot stop wearing it. xx

  15. i love that shade of nail varnish, it's lovely. i'm facinated by those cute little flowers on your nails, hehe :)

  16. A nail correcting pen?? Omg, I must have it!!! (I just paint my entire fingers and then go have a shower and try and chip off the bits of polish that aren't on my nails...yea I suck.)

    Btw, I vote for hair straightener tips for Tuesday - I'm reading your blog backwards today...

    Keep it up Gem!


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