Life's peachy

I finally lost my maxi dress virginity to Dorothy Perkins at the weekend! This peach and black striped number was actually the first maxi I'd ever tried on and I was smitten. I was so surprised... I thought it would look heinous and cling to all the wrong bits (read: beer belly), but I was so wrong. It helped that I bought it in the next size up and that it is also more of an A-line style. Some of the styles we have in at Topshop do look like a bit of a cling-fest.

I just feel like some kind of grecian goddess swishing about everywhere in it. If any of you remember your first maxi time, you'll know the feeling I'm talking about! It's a great dress to wear on a windy day too as it can't blow up (never a good look - trust me on that one!) I've been mainly wearing it with my sandals and pleather jacket from Topshop (I don't want to look too ladylike!)

On another peachy note, I bought a Topshop cream blusher at the weekend too! I got it in the shade Flush, which comes out a lot more peachy than its fluoro colour implies! I had gone to work with my Benefit Coralista on, but when I went to try the Topshop blusher on one cheek (during my shift, oops!), I realised the difference a cream blusher makes. It actually sticks on, not like powder, which (as I realised) just wears off. It felt so nice to have a vivid but natural tone to my cheeks, and I realised how pointlessly subtle my Benefit blush is in comparison. And at £6, I had to have it in my life!

Another benefit of the cream blush is that you can wear it on your lips. Because it dries as a powder, it's very drying so the best thing to do is apply it with lashings of lip balm! The matching cheek and lip look is my new makeup habit! Here is a clever little picture of me with the blush on my cheeks and lips, with a reflection in the mirror from the screen of my Mac (I used Photobooth to take the pic!)

Have you lost your maxi virginity yet? In keeping with the sexual metaphors, I have a feeling I'm about to become the town bike of Maxidressville... Ha!



  1. Still haven't lost my maxi dress virginity! I'm a bit dubious of finding one that will suit my body shape... I'll remain hopeful.
    Love the new blusher, it gives you a 'less is more' kind of look. Looks lovely.

  2. Love the pic! I look awful with a maxi dress, you look soo nice in that one though i might have to try one on again :)

  3. id love to be able to wear a maxi but i still haven't found the right one for me! this one looks really lovely though! i think i might get that other topshop blush, I have the neon rose, i dont like the look of the other colours but flush seems to be popular choice!

  4. I always feel I'm too tiny to wear a maxi dress. I tried one on at H&M once, and it still huddled on the floor when I stood on my toes.
    I love the blush! It looks so fresh :)

  5. I bought a black maxi off ASOS but sadly it's not as long as I would have hoped. I'm quite tall and have long legs (oh woe is me!) so I knew I'd be really lucky if the dress WAS long enough. I want a maxi that actually goes PAST the floor length so I can wear heels with it too. You look so cute in yours, what a great find! And I've never tried cream blush cos I always thought it would be sticky, but I guess not! I can't wait to check out Topshop's makeup range when I get to London


  6. I lost my maxi virginity last year and loved it...you just feel so effortlessly glamourous and chic! LOVE that one on you. I find it hard to get the right length though, being a mere 5"4 I usually need petite which is annoying....xx

  7. im dying to lose my maxi dress virginity! I just can't find one long enough.. I have the oddest body.. my torso and legs are really long, like i have to get tall trousers and can never find a jumpsuit or swimsuit long enough for me, yet im only 5'6. Well all that ramble just to say.. i tried on the black version of that dress and would have loved if it was longer.

    Aaaaanyway you look gorgeous!

    haha sorry for the essay!

  8. i've had two maxi dresses in the past, but I haven't found my perfect one yet. i'm rather lanky so i just think i'd look stupid. plus i have a severe lack of funds at the moment, annoying!

    you look amazing, the stripes really do suit you. plus i love that it is peach rather than the usual white. the last photo looks awesome, you are so beautiful.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  9. That dress looks gorgeous on you :)

    I bought 2 maxi-dresses online for a particular occasion, because I couldn't decide between them, so figured I'd try them on & send one back. Turned out I kept both, because I tried them on & just swished about in my kitchen - I love them! & I was surprised how flattering they were actually, I was expecting them to be more clingy - as you said.
    So, I've now bought 3 more.. (honestly, I have a problem) - BUT I'm still kinda a maxi-dress virgin, because I haven't worn any of them yet! I'm terrible aren't I!?


  10. I'm loving maxi dresses at the moment too - New Look's got a really good selection in at the moment (similar to the one you're wearing but in several different colours/patterns). I know what you mean about them looking a bit clingy - I really like the ones that have a narrower skirt, but I think on me they would look horrendous! Definitely better to go with the more A-line style.
    Loving the blush too - this Topshop makeup will be the death of my bank account, I'm obsessed with it! x

  11. I just bought a couple of maxis! Yours looks lovely. What a good idea to get the next size up. Also, that blusher is perfect on you! I have never tried a cream blusher, maybe it's something I ought to look into...

  12. I think I need to go on a maxi dress hunt...

  13. A couple of years ago, my mum gave me a maxi dress she made in the 70s when she was around my age, how cool is that? It looks quite hippy-ish, orange and brown with flowers. I love it.
    That Topshop blusher is gorgeous, I'll definitely check the range when I'm in the UK xx

  14. Thanks for the comments everyone :)

    Have replied to some of you on your own blogs (never know where is the right place to reply!) But will reply to the rest in this thread because I'm in a hurry to get ready for work!

    Emma - 'Dying to lose my virginity but can't find one long enough' Ha!! Unintentional hilarity, the best kind!

    Jazzabelle - Thanks so much :) ♥

    heartshapedbruise - Haha you are a secret maxi dress hussy! I love it! Why haven't you worn them yet? Next time the sun is out you should wear one of them! And post an outfit blog of it! :) xx

    Franki - Yeah I've seen New Looks selection of maxi's online, but my local store hasn't got any of the cool stripey ones. So annoying!

    lucie.lovely.cupcake - Wow that sounds wonderful!


  15. I really like the look of them, but wonder if they only suit tall girls? (I don't know how tall you are?!) You always look so pretty! Jealous! x

  16. Technically I'm still a virgin - I do own one but it's in the process of being taken up about 6 inches as it was so ridiculously long!

  17. Aaah I was tempted by that cream blusher but needed some encouragement... I think i found it :)
    also, did lose my maxi-virginity recently [or at least half-heartedly; have yet to wear it] with a purchase from Primark, not sure how long it'll last!


  18. nice maxi!!! love it!!! and btw ur haircut is smoking hot! it suits u so well.

    xoxo jenna

  19. So beautiful. I'm saving up for a maxi dress, they are just so gorgeous. I love your awesome hair cut btw!
    Panda xx

  20. I'm loving all the maxi dresses that are around at the minute, unfortunately I don't think I'll ever actually wear one as I'm way too short.

  21. i LOVE maxi dresses at the moment...i have three now plus a lace one that i need to find a way to wear...and i know that exact feeling you had!

  22. Hmm I think I need to try a cream blush too, my powder wears off too easily. I don't really think that maxi dresses will suit me and my style so i'm holding off on them although i like them on others.

  23. That maxi dress really suits you, it's lovely! I'm still on the lookout for one that suits me, it's definitely at the top of my shopping list just now.
    I've never tried cream blusher before. That shade is really pretty, I might have to pick one up next time I'm shopping!

  24. I lost my maxi dress virginity to the same dororthy perkins dress! I was sceptical as at only 5 ft 4 maxi dresses seem to swamp me but this is a great length for me. I also have the sandles youre wearing to (another DP's bargain??!), most people seem to think they're from office when I wear them which is always good :)

    I got myself a black jersey maxi skirt from Primark last week (just £9!) - once you get one maxi item its hard to stop!

    Grace x

  25. i'm still undecided about the maxi dress! it looks great on you and like nicole richie but i'm not sure the grecian goddess look will work on me! hah :P

    and that blush is gorgeous! such a pretty shade of pink! it's too bad we don't have topshop in hong kong!

    thanks for commenting on my blog! i think the cat eye glasses you bought are lovely too! the corners are sharper than mine! and you need to try sugar on toast! it's so good you might risk severe cavities for them!


  26. Gorgeous maxi! I recently lost my maxi virginity and am now a complete convert! That blush is fab, I think I need to visit Topshop soon!

  27. i can't believe it's so hot already this summer, all maxis can get such a good wear out of! i got a topshop one but it's already looking a bit ropey, like bobbly on one side, but they're so handy! i hate leg maintenance! yours looks amazing, love how it rivals all the tight stripey ones but it's still fitted.


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