It's my party and I'll blog drunkenly if I want to!

A quick, drunken post to say OMG it's my birthday AS WE SPEAK! Actually Alex is telling me birthday's don't count until you wake up in the morning so scrap that bit :)
Have been out with friends for a Nandos, drink and apparent bar snack fest (Scampi Fries - don't deny you love them!)
Feeling beyond tipsy, with no outfit to share as I've been a major outfit repeater (a la Mean Girls) and worn the outfit from the last post! So I thought I'd share a couple of pics from the Pub. We went to The Cherry Tree in Canterbury which has amazingly alcoholic cocktails on a Thursday called Pigfuckers (eep!) but they are fruity and lovely so you can just about dimiss the horrendous name.
I know I still haven't yapped on about Glasgow yet, I've been busy organising my next giveaway which is shaping up to be a slightly amazing affair, so stay tuned!! I may post in the morning on my 'real' birthday (according to boyf) as we're having a fairly chilled day of mooching around the Whitstable charity shops, hanging out on the beach and going for dinner later, so there may be a blogging window at some point!
Anyway, I hope I got through this post with minimal spelling errors. The same cannot be said for my Twitter, where not only have I babbled away incoherently, I have also decided it's a good idea to wish my birthday twin and dream hunk Russell Brand a happy birthday (we share a birthday, and hopefully some day a child). Cringefest 2010.
Expect marginally better quality content in the near future!!
Off to bed now ♥


  1. happy birthday, gem! i hope you have a wonderful day, you've seemed to have had a wonderful night :)

    and hands off, russell brand's mine (i fucking wish!) hehe. god, why is he so sexy?

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  2. What are these scampi fries? Looks like junk food, so I assume I would love it.

  3. oh its a very good idea to blog drunk when youre this funny! :D
    "dream hunk Russell Brand a happy birthday (we share a birthday, and hopefully some day a child)"
    LOVE IT!

  4. happy birthday!! i'm actually going to canterbury in the morning! anywhere you suggest i should go?

  5. Happy birthday Gem! Looks like you're having a wicked time so far... and shush your bf because the night part before you wake up DOES count! :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. Haha, love drunken posts!



  7. Haha Gem, you crack me up, happy birthday!

  8. Oh you are funny :) Happy Birthday my lovely! x

  9. p.s. I have a scampi fries craving now, so I can see myself spending this afternoon hunting some down!

  10. We share the same birthday! ♥
    so a very hapy birthday to you! xxx

  11. I've seen those scampi fries, they look a bit weird!
    Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your cocktails and scampi fries!!

  13. Happy Birthday! It's my sister's birthday today too...and Russell Brand' it turns out! x

  14. Happy birthday!
    Hope you've had a wonderful day - certainly looks like you had a good night last night :)
    What a hideous name for those cocktails!? I'd hate to ask for that at the bar!


  15. drunken tweeting and blogging. brill.

    Happy birthday miss! x

  16. happy birthday! i hope you had a wonderful day, love! xxx

  17. Happy birthday! Hope you had a good one! xx

  18. Happy birthday for today/yesterday. My birthday is a day after yours! So it's mine today, heh:D I hope you had a good time x

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks and sounds like you had a great birthday. Can't wait to read your tales of Glasgow. ♥ x

  20. hope you had a good birthday!
    as it happens i was also at the cherry tree on thursday night trying the delightful pigfuckers
    best thing about being a student in canterbury - the pubs

  21. boooo how could i miss this!!!! such a bad reader, i hope you had a great birthday though!!!!


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