Glasgow blow by blow!

Hello!! Thanks so much for all your kind birthday wishes ♥ It was a lovely day, but more on that later! I've got so much to blog about, so I'll start with the beginning of the week, when I went to Glasgow. I'll blog about my birthday later on after work.

So, Alex's family are Scottish and his gran/aunts/uncles/cousins live in Glasgow. So our main motivation for going up to Glasgow was to visit his family. It was a very short visit but we got lots packed in! Here's a blow by blow account of our trip, with a couple of crap mobile phone pics to accompany it! As we had to travel light, we couldn't bring our obese digital camera along. (EDIT: took a couple of pics of my purchases with my lovely new camera just now... more on that later!) Right, here we go...

Sunday night: Alex's mum picked us up from Canterbury and took us to Bexhill (because Alex's car was being MOT'd) where she, Alex's dad and my family live. I stayed at my mum's house and got Roxy settled in for her own little holiday there!

Monday 7am: Set off for Glasgow from Bexhill. The drive was fine, no hold-ups. Finding a Krispy Kreme in a service station was probably the highlight for me. It was only 9am, but I couldn't say no to a glazed donut!

Monday 4pm: Arrive in Glasgow. We got all settled in the hotel room and then went to see Alex's gran.

Monday night: Fish and chips with Alex's Gran - lovely!

Tuesday morning - We got the taxi into Glasgow centre. We had a little look in Urban Outfitters which was envy-inducing. I saw some Swedish Hasbeens in real life too... Aren't they just lovely? I refuse to give in and buy a pair though because A) I'm not bloody made of money, and B) I am put off by anything that is OH.SO.NOW! I need my purchases to go the distance. We went to Debenhams to spend my £50 voucher, where I got the gorgeous H! by Henry Holland jumpsuit seen a couple of posts ago. I also bought a mesh shirt in the sale but I don't really know how to wear it yet. Also nipped to Primark where I picked up a lace dress for £7.

Tuesday afternoon: We got the subway back to Hillhead, which is where all the cool shops are, and near Alex's Gran's flat, which was good! We had lots of vintage shops to check out thanks to recommendations from Lauren (Sparkle Unicorn Moonbeam Cupcake) and Ayden (Little blog of horrors)! We had a good rummage but it looks like there is as much of an over-priced vintage problem in the North as there is in the South! Such a shame, because we saw some gorgeous stuff. We checked out the heaps of Charity shops that Ayden also mentioned (there were tonnes!) which was great fun. I only bought a bag in the end, but it's a very nice bag indeed. Also found an amazing junk shop, then had some lunch.

Tuesday night - We went for dinner with Alex's family which was great fun. We went to 'Spuntini' where me and Alex's mum shared a huge Paella. Yum! I picked up some cool Glaswegian phrases too thanks to Alex's Uncle. (Nippy Sweetie - someone that seems sweet but has a sharp tongue! Talking mince - Talking rubbish!) Despite their Scottish roots, both phrases feel strangely close to home..! :)

Wednesday morning - One last jaunt round the charity shops before saying goodbye to Alex's gran and setting off to catch our train home (Alex's parents were continuing a few hours further North to their house in Scotland, not coming back South).

Wednesday 1.40pm - Boarded the Virgin train from Glasgow to London. We booked tickets in the 'Quiet Zone' because noisy passengers enrage Alex & I beyond belief. We read books and mags and had a [quiet] giggle and before we knew it we were in London!

(Alex's immaculate train table and my one, piled with junk!)

Wednesday 6.47pm - 1.5hr train from London to Bexhill to pick the cat up from mum's. The quiet zone was a distant memory after just a few minutes on this jam packed train. We were sat in front of a man constantly shouting at his cute toddler (which made me VERY angry. Poor little thing), beside a family that were making no effort to stop their little kids from regularly squeaking those fucking trays attached to the seats, and behind a girl that started vomiting later on in the journey. Utter. Hell. It was a relief to get off that train and get back to Mum's. My mum and sister surprised me with a birthday cake because it was the last time they'd see me before my birthday. We wolfed it down and then had to catch the train to Canterbury - Roxy in tow..!

Wednesday 9.20pm: Train from Bexhill to Canterbury (changing at Ashford) with a howling cat in a basket. I felt so bad for little Roxy because she's never been on a train before, and she was so confused with all the new sights and sounds. She's basically my baby and I cannot bear when she isn't happy. The train guard kindly let us sit in our own first class compartment because he took pity on our sad cat and the fact we had loads of luggage. This was awesome, because I got to charge my dead phone while we were in the first class bit!

10pm: got to Ashford, where we missed our connection by seconds. We had to wait 50 minutes to catch the next train, which sent me over the edge after a long day. Regular readers will know I'm rather emotional at the best of times, let alone stranded on a platform with my little cat who didn't have a clue what was going on :( I cried for a bit but then figured Roxy would be home soon and once she's scoffing some food, she'd have forgotten all about being cooped up for 3 hours in her basket.

11.30pm - HOME SWEET HOME!!! As predicted, Roxy was back to her normal stress-free (and gorgeous) self almost instantly. I cooked some toasties for mine and Alex's empty bellies and we went to bed and watched Three In a Bed on the laptop (my new favourite tv programme!) A lovely end to a long day. :)

We had such a fun time and I definitely want to go back soon. It'll be much easier when Alex's car is sorted, because there would be no hellish waiting for the train with the cat, we can just drive home from the cat-sitter's Mum's house!

Off to work now, but will be back later on with a post about my birthday, including much better photos thanks to a lovely gift from my lovely boyfriend... :)


  1. Oh poor you and poor Roxy. My cat starts non-stop pitiful meowing the instant he goes in the basket so if she's anything like him you must have had a traumatic time of it!

    Sounds like a fab trip though and I can't wait to hear tales of your birthday :)

  2. Aw glad you and your man had an awesome wee visit! :) and hope you had a happy birthday, and your drunken birthday post made me smile! Haha Im 21 on friday so be expecting something similar :p lovely pics as always girlie xx

  3. Glasgow's awesome isn't it? I was working up in Motherwell (just outside Glasgow) for two months over Christmas and spent most of my days off in Glasgow centre - the shops are amazing!
    Sorry you had such a rough journey back - noisy people on trains are so irritating - how can they be so inconsiderate!? xxx

  4. Happy belated birthday and glad you had a great time....Primark looks like it's been doing some amazing stuff, I'm gutted I missed out!

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  5. glasgow sounds amazing, I'm glad you had a good time! I'm thinking about doing a study abroad program there, glad it's such a cool city! I'm taking the train for the first time for a trip to new york city soon, I'm a bit nervous...from your account it sounds noisy and full of obnoxious fellow passengers :p oh well.

  6. Sounds like a great time in Glasgow! Poor Roxy, cats always seem to forgive their owners for cooping them up in a cage after a good feeding! My cat howls and cries when she has to go in her basket to the vert(literally 5 mins down the road!) but will quite happily go and sleep in the basket at night!

    P.S. Love three in a bed, am watching it on Sky + as I type this!

  7. Last time I took a Virgin train there was about 30 kids coming back from a school trip... SO noisy and annoying, I just wanted to relax!! So I know your pain!
    Haha love "nippy sweetie", might need to use that one!
    Can't wait to see more shots from your new camera! Lucky lady ;)


  8. ohh, it sounds like you had a wonderful time, i just love the lace dress and the bag you picked up :)

    god, i totally understand your pain on the train, i am just like that too. i got the train home from bournemouth yesterday and two girls sat behind me playing their music oh so loud. all of the seats were taken so i couldn't even move anywhere else. how annoying.

    i'm excited to see what you got for your birthday!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  9. It sounds like you had a really nice time!

  10. late happy b-day :) and <3 that lace dress, hope you got lots of nice pressies!

  11. Argh so much to say, I don't even know where to start!

    Glad to hear you had a good trip. You also managed to pick up some lovely purchases - I've seen that lace dress in Primark & it's lovely, but I've resisted it because it'd be a top on me & that's just annoying! Love your new bag :)

    I've had tickets in the 'quiet zone' on the train quite a few times now - not purposely, it's just happened that way - now I think it's great, because like you, noisy annoying passengers drive me mad. However... it's never quiet! And that REALLY annoys me! The amount of people shouting on their phones, playing music etc, when they're sat in the bloody quiet zone.. argh! I'm getting annoyed just remembering some of these journeys!

    I've totally got distracted from what I was going to say now..

    Well anyway, glad that you & obviously your poor cat (!) are back safe & sound - I look forward to hearing more about your actual birthday :)


  12. I've just remembered something else I was going to say!

    'Three In A Bed' = best programme EVER!
    It's the favourite programme in my house at the moment - every week we all sit down to watch it together (which doesn't happen often!) - it's hilarious, I LOVE it!


  13. I missed your birthday AND your drunken blogging! Damn! Well, happy belated birthday to you! Sounds like you had a lovely time away - poor cat though!

    I LOVE the Primark lace dress and must own one. I wonder how you'll wear it though... surely not alone?! :) xx

  14. its shameful the price of vintage nowadays! thanks for the mention ;)

    can't wait to see the lace dress on...its fab! x.

  15. happy belated birthday! i agree about the swedish hasbeens, maybe if they are still around in a years time i would consider it (i was like this with brogues too!)

  16. That seethru dress it amazing!

  17. Ahhh I LOVE Whitstable! I also love that shop, Frank! A friend and I are having a pop-up shop in Whitstable in 4 weeks time. It'll be at a shop on that road called 'Show off!' it's got a bright red front. It'll be on from 7th-13th July, come on downnnn! X


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