From my lap, with love!

I had intended to launch my amazing giveaway today, but I got my eiffel tattoo on my ankle re-inked and ended up too scared to walk around too much, so I didn't get anything done. SO, I'm definitely going to launch it tomorrow.

I would like it to be a nice milestone giveaway as I'm very close to 300 followers, so if any of you are regular visitors that don't yet follow the blog, please click 'follow' instantly! Only followers can enter the giveaway, anyway so you might as well do it now!

Would the words Polaroid, Henry Holland, Alice in Wonderland, Burt's Bees or 17 tempt you...? Hmm...

Anywho, just a couple of pictures from my boring day of tattoo recovery! Here is my slightly bloody but much blacker tattoo:

Watching afternoon TV, keeping my tat raised for a while:

And here's little Roxy sat in my lap (her favourite spot!) and my mint green and grey leopard print nails (click here if you've never seen my tutorial!). It took me forever to do it, I don't know how I ever found it easy before! But it's worth it to have wow-worthy nails, I guess (Well my right hand is more WTF-worthy if I'm honest, but I guess it emphasises the DIY effect..!)

Bonsoir then, girls and guys, see you tomorrow for an altogether more enthralling post!

Be there! ♥


  1. Oh wow, I didn't realise it was on your ankle bone! That's got to hurt! Brave you xxx

  2. Oh wow, I didn't realise it was on your ankle bone! That's got to hurt! Brave you xxx

  3. Thanks Charlotte :)

    Vintjunky, well it's kinda in my ankle-pit as it were! Not on the actual bone. Either way though, it hurt an absurd amount. I was making such a tit of myself in the tattoo place!

  4. ahh, your tattoo looks so wonderful. and your nails, you seriously have patience, gem! i would have given up after my first nail, hehe :)

    yes, all of the words really do tempt me. i am very excited for tomorrow!

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  5. my oh my your tattoo is cute as a pie! I love it. What does it feel like whilst your having it done and how long does the pain last for as I'm really interested in getting a tattoo soon xx

  6. awwww your kitty! *makes stupid cat voice*
    Love the the tattoo & the nails, that 'diy' nail routine is on my to-do list haha. Excited for the giveaway also :) xx

  7. To Paris with love. Wonderful tattoo. Can't wait 'til tomorrow x

  8. Those nails are awesome! Totally worth the time and effort.

  9. Yayy! You got it done! :) Well done, now you'll never ever have to endure the pain again. Make sure you slap loads of nappy rash cream on! When I got mine done they told me to use Bepanthen and I didn't have a clue what it was, cue me looking like a fool in boots asking over the pharmacy counter for nappy rash cream... oh dear... Ramble aside, those nails really do look wah-esque, I might have to try out one of your tutorials :)

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  10. Love your tattoo, Gem, it's so dinky and cool :) I've been considering getting a small one on my wrist for a while now, but can't bite the bullet quite yet ;) A friend of mine said a lot of tattoo artists don't really do really small ones though as detailing is so hard to do, but yours seems to be both detailed and little; can you let me know how big it is in real life please? xx

  11. Love that tatt! Bet it was sore. I've had behind my ear done, strangely didn't hurt just really loud!! :) along with my foot and back now, that's it though!

    Looking forward to the giveaway - and I'm going to practice those nails at the weekend!

    X xx

  12. Ooohh your tattoo is pretty ;)



  13. Lovely tattoo! Must've hurt to have it put on your ankle :/ But it looks amazing!

  14. The giveaway sounds most exciting!!

    Love your tattoo - hope it's not giving you too much gyp whilst it heals.

    *waves at beautiful Roxy*

  15. Love your tattoo! So pretty, and those giveaway hints are definetly tempting!

  16. Tattoo looks fab - part of me would love one, but the rest of me is terrified!
    Can't wait for the giveaway dear!


  17. I've been following your blog for a while now, and you're the inspiration for me to start mine!! And those nails look great :)

  18. Very nice girlie :) I've been re-inked before over a tattoo and Im convinced that it hurt more than what it did getting it done the first time. Looks great though! x

  19. Your tattoo is adorable :)

    My cousin has just had her first tattoo in the exact same place as that & she was in agony!

    Your plea for followers obviously worked - you're up to 319 at current count - congratulations!

    Your nails look amazing - I still haven't plucked up the courage to give anything remotely creative/interesting a go.. but I will, one day!

    Thanks for the comment - I can't remember what my comment said, but I'm glad it made you chuckle!
    I love my elephant ring, what I didn't mention in my post (for fear of seeming even sadder than I already did), is that I've actually got another one, in another colour - a little pink elephant! Too cute :)

    Btw, can't wait for your giveaway..!


  20. Tattoo is looking good! Im such a wuss when being tattooed! I need to leopard print my nails agains soon!

  21. You brave missy having a tattoo done on your ankle :O It looks amazing, such a nice design. The nails look amazeballs!

  22. wow!!! pretty tattoo! :D

    and your nails are so wicked cool!!! love love love it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  23. your tattoo is adorable! eee i love Paris soo much.


  24. I need to try that colour combo in with the nails, looks so lovely! I had a 4 hour session on my leg a few weeks ago, I'm hoping the next session won't be as long!


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