A cautionary nail...

Here's the new nail trend in my life!

Here's how I got the look!

Yep, that's right. After months of constant nail abuse in the form of leopard spots, hearts, mix 'n' match, world cup stickers and confetti, my exhausted, flaky and weak nails have finally admitted they have an addiction and have gone to Rehab.

Joking aside, I used to have such strong and lovely nails that would grow really long, but it seems to be ever since I started uni they've been prone to peeling and flaking. I like painting them because it gives them a bit of armour, but recently from using so much nail polish remover and changing my nails all the time, they have been at an all time low and go so flaky and awful.

So, I bought some Sally Hansen Miracle Cure which is specifically targeted at my ugly problem, am taking Biotin and Silica vitamins to strengthen those babies up (and hopefully thicken my hair in the process - will update!) and am just giving them a little holiday.

I'll let you know how I get on with all of the above! My nail's are going to need to be in full health for the plans I've got for them. I've bought the most insane nail accoutrements on eBay for a future Tuesday tip, so stay tuned! :D

Will be back tomorrow for a Tuesday tip and will also be updating my new blog shop!

Hope you've had a better day than me. Work was so stressful because the Chip & Pin stopped working and I basically hopped on the express train to Stress City. Have only just managed to chill out (metaphorically, of course, it's sweltering in my flat!) and am now going to enjoy some Big Brother and Haribo. :)



  1. I wish your nails a swift & full recovery :)

    Hope the Haribo helps with the chill out mission!


  2. Can't wait to hear your nail update! I'm trying to grow my nails which I've literally bitten since I was born (I'm 22 now) & it's tough going since they're so weak & flaky. I need something that will make them work & want Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure to be the elusive 'one'.

  3. i like to have a few days with no nail varnish on at all to help them - although most nail varnish removers claim to strengthen the nails i think most of them weaken it! i've just bought barry m's base coat, top coat and nail hardener all in one so i shall see how that goes. i have quite strong nails though.

  4. Oh no, hope you nail has sufficent therapy :-)

    ps: I use acetone free nail polish remover, which is more gently for the nails.

  5. Oh no hope your nails recover! I remember when my nails used to be super flaky too...I didn't really do anything special to them apart from not changing my nail polish quite as often.

  6. Oh me, oh my! That's a lovely color.
    I really enjoy your blog and your style is absolutely awesome! Come visit me on my blog when you get a chance.


  7. Ahh, I used to have lovely nails too, but they are breaking all the time at the moment!

    Good luck with the nail therapy!


  8. Haha I love your face in the first pic, shame about the nails though, I don't recognise you with out your nail art. x

  9. Your face in the first pic! proper shrunched up sulk!
    Hope the SOS nails go well. I did mine some damage at the weekend by my finger popping through a glove and being dyed an attractive brown colour. Nice.

    X xx

  10. My nails were exactly the same. Ravaged by too much OPI and Barry M. I've got OPI's Dry and Brittle Nail Envy and it works a treat.

  11. I think my nails need some TLC aswell!

  12. You look so cute in that photo! I'm a leopard nails virgin, i'm so trying it though because i keep seeing it in blogland and it looks amazing x

  13. hahah .. omg what is it with uni and nails ... mine were exactly the same as yours before uni, long and strong o.0 .. that sounds a lil wrong :P .. anyways yeah since uni they have gone totally icky n flaky .. may well have to invest in some of that stuff too ... thanks :)

    styleofarose@blogspot.com xx

  14. Ive had the exact same problem just recently but also they have gone discoloured and yellowy, mank i know. i may have to invest in some of this miracle stuff, looking forward to your little reviewy :) xx

  15. My nails have done exactly the same thing! Obviously they are protesting! Will be interested to see how the nail rehab goes!!


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