A case of mistaken identity...

I love Summer, but it has its downfalls.

In the colder months, we can layer up our clothes in any way we like to express ourselves - and in turn identify which cultural niche we belong to. Whether it's chavvy, emo or 'you can't label me, I wear whatever the hell I want!'   eclectic, everything is nice and clear and we all know where we stand.

But in the summer, particularly in the immense heat we've had lately, the layers come off and we all look pretty much the same, which gives way to the summer downfall I'm talking about - wrongful chav attention!

[Dress - c/o Tesco, Sandals - Dorothy Perkins]

I'm not the kind of girl that gets whistled in the street. My outfits aren't that edgy, but I usually wear something that will turn da ladz off, and let them know we see the world differently! But now it's hot, my outfit regime consists mainly of mini dresses and gladiator sandals... Which puts me straight into the 'whistle/leer at anything baring flesh' category for the British neanderthal man. It's just too hot to wear my usual chav-gaze armour! It almost makes me want to shave a mohican just so I can be crystal clear in all weather conditions 'I'M NOT YOUR EFFING TYPE'!

I just wish they made a toeless version of creepers or some other ugly shoe so these gross men would NOT mistake me for their usual perv meat.

All I can say is roll on Autumn, so normality can resume!

Speaking of Autumn, I saw the Topshop A/W lookbook in my inbox today. At first glance it really didn't grab me, but I've selected a few of my 'favourite' looks and it's not so bad... It has some really nice elements (chunky knits, mega thick socks, sheer maxi skirts & shearling) but it doesn't exactly sing to me. It seems so directional, I struggle to see how it will fare with the regulars in the Topshop I work in... Hmm. What are your thoughts?


  1. haha i so agree with you on the white van chav men of Britain, makes some stomach turn!

    i think all of the Topshop looks practically look the same, but i think the outfits are tad OTT to register whether i like an item, but my feet are itching for those thick knitted sockss!


  2. haha yeah, i totally agree. i was just thinking today, so many people all look the same at the moment. i suppose the summer wardrobe is pretty limited when it's do goddamn hot! however, you deffo don't look like a chav :D cute dress!

  3. Haha oh this made me giggle. You are so right, I hate leery men and them thinking I'm wearing less clothes especially for them!

    And mmmm all those capes! I can't wait for autumn!

  4. i'm also looking forward to being able to layer up again! x

  5. Boys are stupid... But the Topshop lookbook is pretty, I want!

    tweet tweet tweet


  6. Funny post! Love the outfit!

  7. i hate my arms and legs so even on the hottest days of summer i'm fully covered! aha the perks of being a porker :I
    you look stunning by the way

  8. Oh I know what you mean. Bloody men.
    I have that dress too, it's so fun and summery isn't it :)

  9. I think you should wear a sign telling them you're taken. A sandwich board should do a trick ;) When're you updating the blog shop? x

  10. I find it difficult to decide whether I like a Topshop item until I see it on the hanger - I think even though a lot of the pieces actually appeal to a lot of people, they're often styled in a way that means they only fit a specific niche.

  11. I love a couple of the coats, the knitted scarves and the boots (SO hot), but aside from that, it's a bit too thrown together. I can't stand the 'oh look I've chopped up a jumper and priced it at £40 odd' thing... that's just ridiculous. Topshop look books always look a bit too OTT for my liking. I agree with you. The overall look = slightly unattainable for the regulars?

    Aaaah mate sorry to hear about the leers. I can only suggest you turn up the volume on your MP3 player, or perhaps throw an icecream in their face? Tis the season and all that...

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  12. That's so true, it's uch harder to "express yourself" in the summer when you can wear only one of two pieces of clothing :''D


  13. I LOVE the hooded cape. Just bought the H&M knitted one - shame everyone at work is calling it the slanket! xx

  14. Hmm I think I agree with you about the Topshop A/W looks :\

  15. I remember the days when I was young enough to hate guys hollering at me in the street. Twenty years later, I love it.

  16. flipping heck, i know what you mean about summer. it's the same for me aswell, over than all the whistles! i look like a normal in shorts

  17. thats why i love autumn and winter, it's easy to pile on clothes and look good, summer is a bit more of a challenge!

    that dress is so cute on you!

    and hmm, i havn't checked out the lookbook yet...


  18. oh the capes! i'm especially loving the one on the second picture from the top. i also have to say that i'm kind of over the warm weather right now, although i suspect that i will regret saying this later on. but my wardrobe just isn't build to accommodate 5000 degrees weather

  19. Omg I know exactly what you mean! During these hot days I do try to wear ridiculously colourful clashing clothes, big accessories ans generally just not 'sex it up'. Right now I'm wearing a red short skirt and a strappy lime green top...with a cat's face on it. But my 40 minute walk to work will still get me horn toots from white van men, arrgg!

    You do look awesome in this dress :o)

  20. we do all kind of look the same in summer... such a pity when it's my favourite season and I never want it to end!
    And the Topshop collection.. I know what you mean about the Topshop customer. I don't think there's enough focus on what's going to be worn under the shearling? A sheer maxi-skirt in Autumn/Winter.. oh ok then.
    Anyway, haha. Amazing post as per usual :) xx

  21. The flash of a bit of flesh does do strange things to men. I got an "alright darling" off of a boy who looked about 13. Felt wrong.

    Topshop, some pieces look amazing, some will be bought just because it's topshop and never worn because it just doesn't translate to the high street.

    x xx

    p.s love that dress

  22. Summer is great for the weather, but bad for styling outfits! I rely on layers to keep things interesting in the colder months, I need a summer alternative!

  23. Lol now I'm scared to return to England! I think your post sums up Summer dressing well, I feel pretty much neutralised and it's far too hot to wear the quirky details I love such as tights, knee high socks and scarves. You have to let your clothes do the talking, which is hard if you crazy accessories. Maybe, chavs are also slowly getting slightly better tastes? Or maybe that's just a crazy thought... Anyway that Topshop stuff looks good, I have only bought one item for 6 months and can't wait to get my hands on discounted quirkiness again!

    Kb from I Want You To Know

  24. It's dreadful isn't it? As though it would just make your day to have some leering sweaty bonehead going, "OI, love..." at you from across the road. I find it helps to shout back, particularly if they've decided to remove their shirts (which they invariably do!), and make a witty remark about how they ought to consider attending a gym once in a while (or if that's not applicable to the particular offender, how they should kindly go f&$% themselves) ;-) It can be risky, because you're entering a dialogue with a moron, but often they're not expecting a hearty "F&$% you!"

    As for summer outfits, I find a pair of wide legged floaty trousers (sometimes pajama pants if it's a REALLY relaxed day) and baggy t-shirts do the job pretty well, until autumn when I can enjoy wearing clothes again! Or baggy shorts. Basically, anything baggy!

    Siobhan :-)


  25. eugh i know the feeling!
    I was walking to work the other day and a white van pulled up next to me, the guy shouted out "dont mind if i do.. mmhhhmm"


  26. Gosh the Topshop A/W collection is BEAUTIFUL.

    Love the dress too ;)

    Sarah Betty


  27. I felt the opposite: I LOVED this collection straight away!


  28. haha i hear ya! i live in the chaviest area, i hate 'da ladz'!!!!! headphones usually help i feel!

  29. Got wolf whistled today in tights, a longer than the knee pencil skirt (not even that tight, damn bad quality primark stuff) and a tshirt with converse on coming back from work! i was horrified! only happened because the sun came out, literally would not have happened this morning when it was cloudy and grey. what does the sun do to men?!

    I am with you in liking winter clothes better. I must say I really like those Topshop pics, I am OBSESSED with capes and big wooly socks, also those hats with ears on! Not into topshop at all at the moment though, i don't like cropped things why is EVERYTHING cropped.


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