Wah Nails of the week!

Adorable mix and match!!

(Wah Nails tumblr)

Off to work until 3pm in a bit, such a lovely shift! Just remembered I left my umbrella at work yesterday... This will be interesting!
Very much looking forward to coming home and overdosing on Come Dine With Me on More4. It wouldn't be Sunday without a bit of Lamb. Dave Lamb, that is! :)

Do you have any nice plans today?



  1. These are super cute!!

    I want them on this weeks tuesday tips! xx

  2. Lovely nail design! Looks like it would be easy to recreate.

  3. I like the polka dots & the bow detail :)

    My plan for today is to laze about (which I think is justified, seeing as I was in work at 6am this morning & only just back!) x

  4. Aw man, I'm actually loving all the Wah nails pics youve been posting :) Hope you have a good wee day at work, I think I'm catching up with my best friend whos been in america for four weeks! Hoping that shes got me an epic present of course :p xx

  5. I'm going out tonight with my boyfriend and some friends, there's an all night club in Liverpool tonight because it's Bank Holiday!
    We're hardcore, cos we were out last night too haha.
    Obv flat shoes tonight though!

  6. These nails are adorable! You're giving me so much inspiration for things to try out ;)

  7. I'm obsessed with their tumblr!

  8. Aww these are wicked! Makes me want to dedicate an entire afternoon to nail grooming, but alas, uni calls *sigh* Oh and before I forget I've added you to my blogroll so I don't miss any of your posts! :) ♥


  9. Love these! I would fail at it though.


  10. wow! those nails are wonderful! i'll be trying out the polka dots! x


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