Tuesday tip - Mix & Match nails

Hello guys, thanks to those that left such lovely comments about my magazine in the last post. It's scary to put something you've worked hard on 'out there' for criticism, so I was truly ecstatic that you liked it. As for whether I might do another one... Well it's something to think about! My Indesign trial runs out very soon though so I'll have to find someone that has it so I can put it on my Mac (as IF I'm spending £500 on that shiz!). So we'll have to see what happens. Very annoying to find typos in it earlier after handing it in! Boo! but I'm only human (and that's kinda the whole point of the magazine anyway!)... Trying to wriggle out of being a lazy proof-reader there, is it working?

I have come down with a terrible migraine today, I'm thinking it's to do with the air pressure dropping, I get sensitive to pressure changes. So I thought I'd leave the tips to one of my favourite bloggers Sophie aka. Dusky Ledoux today. She's been away for a bit to get on with uni work, but she's back with a bang! Her latest posts have included a great flower hairclip tutorial, and some fabulous nail art I'm sure you'll enjoy. She claims her new love affair with nail art is down to my leopard print tutorial, but let's face it, she puts my efforts to shame! How she did all those hearts so perfectly I'll never know!

I did a bit of a mix and match affair earlier on, so I could try out her awesome stripes look, but my hands don't function at the best of times let alone when it feels like I have a herd of Elephants trampling on my head. So after a couple of wobbly tries, I just did half a nail (like this Wah design I loved so much)! I only did my left hand, but I think that adds to the whole 'I did it myself' thing! Wriggling out of being a lazy nail-painter now! ... Is this one working?

(I did the half thing by painting the whole nail, then painting a different colour over half of the nail, and then doing a few stripes with the trusty liquid eyeliner! I used 17 in Mint Choc Chip & Models Own in Grey Day)

So thanks Dusky, for inspiring me to prettify my nails, they've been so neglected while I've been doing uni work! ♥

Oh, also, my friend Jen shared a good nail tip with me earlier. She washed the brush of an old liquid eyeliner and now uses it as a paint brush so she can use it with any nail varnish! What a good idea! Will definitely be trying that out.

I'm going to go for a walk to clear my hideous head and simultaneously fill my belly as we're going to Tesco to get some sweets! We're watching 'Youth in Revolt' tonight.

Hope you've had a lovely day xxx


  1. i love the one with a little heart! that would be really cute to do just on your ring finger with the rest plain.

  2. Fab nails! So ghetto fabulous! x

  3. Loving the mis-matched nails! i love doing this

  4. Love it! Hope your head gets better xx

  5. meant to comment on the last post, but just wanted to say your magazine was amazing!so well done and the graphics looked fantastic, WELL worth all those scary late nights :)
    have to say i'd love to see more too!maybe you could do one like Love, every 3/4 months?:D
    p.s. - your nails look soooo like the Topshop make-up graphics its fantastic!
    oh and hope you feel better soon!

  6. Those are great, I just tried the leopard print tutorial with no luck, guess I need to keep practising.

  7. I can never keep my hands steady enough to make designs on my nails, but this post makes me REALLY want to try it!

  8. You have steady hands and a lot of patience! Came out great.

  9. I need heart nails now! But my hands are way to unsteady!

  10. an old eye liner brush- genius! i had a teeny nail brush on my list of things to buy for ages and was like ok my broke ass doesn't not need to be spending non existent pennies on nail brushes, but now i'll just find an old eyeliner, so clever!

  11. I tried to do my own mix and match(ish) Please look at it people :)http://beautybuisness-mary.blogspot.com/


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