I'm just so fresh, so clean!

Good evening!

Thanks for sharing your questions you'd like me to ask Gemma Correll, and feel free to give any more suggestions if you haven't yet, I'll be emailing her at some point tomorrow!

Oh, and if any of you have any DIY/beauty tips, do comment or email me them if you'd like me to feature them for Tuesday Tips. It turns out theres quite possibly more Tuesdays than I have tips, so I'm planning ahead a bit :)

An unexciting day today, spent scrubbing the flat within an inch of its life because we have an inspection tomorrow! I'm not a naturally tidy person so I need the pressure of an inspection to make me knuckle down. Whilst its tidy, I'm thinking of doing a Cribs-style video and showing y'allz my little old home. Undecided...

Alex & I went for a walk after Come Dine With Me tonight and only just got back. It was really nice, but very chilly! When you live with someone it's nice to get out of the flat and take a walk because you end up chatting about lots of different stuff, and you might not if you're at home and are distracted by blogging/Xbox!

The outfit picture was taken when we got back, so I look a bit rosy cheeked/sleepy/generally haggard! Am in such a wardrobe rut at the moment. I've banned myself from using my Debit Card (I always forget it is real money!) and have given myself some cash to live off. So it means no more cheeky h&m jersey sprees (for now) and having to survive with the clothes I've got, which is a bit uninspiring, but hopefully I'll snap out of it soon! There's probably bigger problems in the world than my lack of style!

Have you had a lovely weekend? I hope it's involved less cleaning products than mine!

Gem x


  1. i am doing the same.those blasted cards will be the death of my credit history. im on some poor budget at the moment.
    it sucks that it is may and you still need to wear a nice fur.
    roll on the sunshine!
    xx fi

  2. i totally get what you mean about being in a style rut. when i find something what looks good i just wear it over and over again (such as my lace vest and denim shirt). i really need to experiment more, but i always end up going back to my usual. ohh, i'm looking forward to the cribs style video! you should base this weeks tuesday tip on cleaning, you could be the next kim or aggy! :)

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  3. Yuck, I am really poor at the moment and must stay away from shops too. Loooove the necklace and the red lippy!

  4. Oh la la don't I know about debit cards; they're my problem, too, probably because I can't see my money disappear. And what really hurts is the overdraft fees... OUCH!!! I may just end up opting-out and letting things be declined instead.

    And if looking like Jane Lane ("Daria") is "haggard," then I'd love to know what you look like when you're glamourous!

    I noticed your leggings there. Are they capris or do they go further; I have a pair from Old Navy that go over my feet, which I don't think is supposed to happen, but there you go.

    Finally, what kind of clothing does Tesco sell; we don't have them in the U.S.--Walmart probably would not be happy--but I was just curious.

    Bonne nuit, mademoiselle !

  5. I love that coat!

    And a beauty tip? Mix mineral eyeshadow with a bit of moisturiser and apply with a paintbrush for perfect results, the use an eyeshadow brush over the top with some loose powder to make it stick - lasts all day/ night!

  6. You're doing well on what you've got, love the nautical / grunge / diva look you got going on here.
    A beauty tip for you: Aloe Vera gel!! I'm always raving about it, but it really is the staple items that can do practically anything to help heal and moisturize skin instantly and even makes a good hair mask!

  7. Ah you still look lovely, mind! I have a few go-to clothes, which means that I often just wear the same things and then when I go out shopping I feel like I have nothing...so I end up buying tonnes. Vicious cycle. I must stop! xo

  8. You look great Gem. I'm sure you have more than enough stuff in your wardrobe to survive through a few weekes of no shopping!

    I'm the other way round with debit cards & cash. If I have cash in my purse it just disappears but I'm strangely reluctant to hand over my card. Odd huh?

  9. I love your jacket..so very needed in this so called spring weather!

  10. you look great! i feel the same way about my debit card, it isnt real money, and then i check it and im like OHNOEZ. i never carry cash so i just put it all on my card!

  11. LOVE your coat! I have a very similar one ;) Looks so effortless with the stripes! xxx

  12. In a way, I'm very glad that I would have to trudge all the way into Glasgow for my nearest h&m, or else I would be in your shoes too! Good luck on the card ban! x


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