Sorry I've not been about much, even though I finished uni, it is a very busy time of year for me what with birthday plans and other bits and bobs. Alex & I are off for a whirlwind visit to Glasgow tomorrow night (well, going to his parent's house so we can all set off super early) until Weds night. Then I'm nipping to London on Thursday, drinks on Thursday night and then it's my birthday on Friday! So it'll be a little while longer before I can become the blog-whore-verging-on-spam I was promising to be, but bear avec moi!! Plus I'll have a very special treat in the next couple of weeks for those that don't desert me...

So for my last post in a little while, I thought I'd share the ins and outs of what I've packed for Glasgow.

Here are my outfits... I'll wear one of the top two outfits on Monday night when we go and visit Alex's gran. The bottom left one will be for shopping it up on Tuesday. I'm wearing a bumbag because Glasgow is a bit scary and I don't want to get robbed! I get very paranoid in places outside my comfort zone. The dress will be for Tuesday night's dinner. As in, I'll be wearing it to dinner, not eating it for dinner!

(Jeans, flats & floral tops - Topshop, Striped top - h&m, Bumbag & Boots - charity shop, Dress - courtesy of Tesco, belt - h&m)

Then here's what I'll be wearing to travel home on Wednesday (hence sad face). We're getting a lift up with his parents but getting the train back down (hence packing VERY light!) so it'll be a bit of a snooze fest. Also, a close up of the nail varnish I bought today from Topshop to match my pretty new floral top. And my 'must-have' bits and bobs.

(Striped top - h&m, currently £3.99 half price!)

Bits and bobs:

Ojon animated styling cream - Really rather good! Bought it as part of the Ojon thickening hydrating set on QVC, which is good for limp locks like mine! My hair is the bane of my life. If anyone knows any other good thickening products, do share!

Garnier moisturiser - Perfect! The subtle rose scent is so addictve, and I've not had one spot since using it. Love it.

Kwells and Zirtek - to combat my travel sickness and hay fever respectively!

Vera Wang Rock Princess - My current scent, but I'm sure it must wear off instantly as nobody has ever commented on how lovely I smell even though I squirt gallons on! I'm always striving for the 'walk-by-effect' (when someone walks past and you get a gorgeous waft of their perfume and just HAVE to ask what it is).

Prestige black kohl - Perfect. Never ever ends up under my eyes.

2true liquid eyeliner (at Superdrug) - bought this today as a cheapie liquid liner to tide me over until I have birthday money to blow on a lovely one. Seems to be good so far, I'll have to keep you posted!

Mitchum deoderant - Bought it on offer at Boots. A bit sticky, therefore a bit icky. But I'm stuck with it now!

Mally mascara - Got this in my goodie bag at the QVC press day on Thursday. Loving it. Definitely a step up from my crusty Primark jobby.

Collection 2000 perfecting minerals - Oh you know I love this shiz!

Benefit Dandelion blush - A rather ropey donation from my friend Hannah! I use it all the time and I love it.

Topshop nail varnishes in Rose Royce and The Big Easy - Bought these today, I'll do my nails tomorrow and Twitter updates on its longevity! I can't blog from my mobile, but my god I can Tweet.

Kimberley lashes - Impulse bought these on Thursday for my night out. They were okay, a bit fan-like though (just went to type fan-ny but realised that was misleading not to mention rude!) They didn't have my favourite Ardell lashes in Chatham boots. Boo!

Necklace - A birthday gift from my uni girls last year. From Urban Outfitters.

I'll also be packing Alex's GHD's, a black bra and a nude bra, The Georgia Nicolson books by Louise Rennison which I'll be nicking off my sister tomorrow and my iPod!

Roxy is staying at my mum's which makes me nervous because mum has crazy Jack Russell dogs and Roxy hates them :( But that's life. I've already promised to buy her lots of presents in Glasgow so hopefully she'll still love me when I get home...

Hope you all have a rocking Bank Holiday weekend and I will be back to blogging as soon as I get a spare second to think. Possibly when I'm 23!

If you've got this far - A) I love you, and B) Any shopping recommendations for Glasgow?



  1. aaah i love the geogia nicholson books! i really need to read the rest of them, the last one i read was from my local libary when i was like 14. haha.

    you pack alot lighter than me! i was lugging my bags around london! love the look of those topshop polishes though! i might have to try them outt

  2. Aw you love me? How sweet - love you too!
    Wish I could give you some recommendations, but sadly have never been to Glasgow so can't help..

    I'm very impressed with your organised packing.. it's a really good idea to plan all your outfits like you have - I'm terrible at packing whatever I fancy & taking far too much stuff wherever I go (& generally forgetting the one thing I end up actually wanting to wear..!)

    Hope you enjoy your busy week :) Oh, & hope your dog gets on alright!


  3. I've no shopping suggestions for Glascow, but I do love your travel bag; very nice!

    Have fun on your bank holiday! Bon voyage !

  4. YEY, Glagow. My home town.
    lovely outfits. Have a great time.


  5. That is impressively light packing! Have a fabulous time.

  6. Hey! If you're up for a good vintage rummage, try Mr Ben, Circa Vintage, Glorious, Starry Starry Night or Vintage Guru...(I suggest doing a quick google street search!)

    For cute jewellery/crafts you gotta visit The Maisonette...beyond cute!!


  7. Have an awesome trip, can't wait to hear about it!

  8. yes yes yes to Vera Wang! I have the mere girly princess one though - not up to rock chick status yet. I generally spray it in my hair so everyone gets a good whiff when I swing around. xx

  9. Hhaha I live for the walk by effect! And you are so efficient at packing, I need to put together all my outfits beforehand like this so I don't end up bringing my whole room with me.. Ps new follower, I love your blog <3

  10. That's a cute bag! Have fun.

  11. I bought the 2true liner as a cheapie while going through superdrug for halloween-costume makeup, and I love it. None of the cheap liners in the states work as well, so now that I'm back I have to spend more again :(

  12. loving your florals and nail polish!

  13. I love the fact we both need to hold our Benefit blush boxes together with sellotape!

  14. That is a lot of stuff! I love that red bag, where is it from?

  15. Thanks for your comments everyone! :) Looking forward to my little escape!

    heartshapedbruise.: I always always pack too much but because we're getting the train back (with the cat too) I know I had to pack light for once in my life!

    Lauren - Thanks SO much for those recommendations, definitely going to check them out!

    Claire - I do try and do that too, but I don't have much hair to swing, haha!

    Ariel - Haha glad I'm not the only one whose only life ambition is the walk by effect! Thanks so much for following me :) xx

    Rachel - Haha! :D

    Cherry Pullinger - Charity shop for £1 I'm afraid!

  16. YOU ARE GORGEOUS! im a new follower now!

  17. gorgeous horse necklace and loving the floral and stripes :) new follower here too! and your hair is really cool :)

  18. Love you too Gem! :)

    Also love ALL your outfits, but especially the bum bag. I really want one for Leeds Festival to wear with my maxi dress and wellies! :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  19. Hope you're having a great time!

    I'm so impressed by how organised you are... my packing is just grabbing random things, not thinking for a second if they'll go together to form a vaguely coherent outfit and generally taking 3 times as much as I need! And 20 times as much jewellery...

  20. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who rocks a bum bag, haha! They're so handy. Happy birthday in advance! And I love that leopard print tube dress... I'm a sucker for leopard print ;) Going to do your nail tut today in fact!


  21. Amazing packing! Love your travel bag and that floral Topshop top!

  22. Love your floral top, and very envious of your organisation, i just tend to throw things in a bag and hope for the best! x

  23. I really like you flowery tops.



  24. Aww Im glad you are coming to visit glasgow! :) Well in the city centre you have your usual high street shops, but you should go on the subway (ours has a pretty small inner and outer circle) and get off at hillhead. that will be you down the west end and on byres road which is hoaching with cute vintage and charity shops! starry starry night and the others the girlie above mentioned are down a little lane (ruthven lane, I think) on the opposite side of the road you'll get out the subway station from. ask someone in one of the vintage shops to tell you where de courceys arcade is, its off the main road again but contains the maisonette and some other gorgeous shops. oh, and an amazing cafe where you can get awesome tea and cake :) let me know how you get on!

    my degree show is at the royal scottish academy of music and drama (back in the city centre) so please pop by in the evening if you fancy a nosy at what us kids do! :p have a brilliant trip missy! I love vera wang princess, Ive had the original one, and the rock one, and I've just finished a bottle of the glam version. no one ever comments but I still think its such a lovely scent :) xxx

  25. You're not going to get robbed in Glasgow! We aren't that bad! lol!
    However, it is cold; hope you have a cardi!
    You wanna get yer arse to Byres road and have a wander (get the subway from the city centre) - that's where all the cool shops are :)
    Hope you have fun! xx

  26. Hi from a Glasgow girl! Hope you're having a fab time in our lovely city. xx

  27. oh have a lovely time in glasgow! i was also going to comment saying your hair looks great then i read that it's the bane of your life! well i think it looks fab.

  28. Have a great time away, am envious of your ability to pack light!! Love the Georgia Nicholson books!

  29. You're totally rocking the bumbag!

  30. I think it must have something to do with skin type or something when perfume doesnt smell very strong. I can spray a ton of perfume on myself and noone ever notices I am wearing it. Then someone can be wearing the same scent and everyone comments. booo

  31. Oh, Glasgow! I'm so jealous! All my favorite bands are form there: Belle & Sebastian, Travis, Camera Obscura, Kula Shaker (I think, too) ... I dream of going there.


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