Wowed by WAH!

Yo yo!

So, in my last post I mentioned there was a WAH Nail bar at the Tesco F+F preview. Here's a picture of my outfit (am on the way out for drinks with work friends), and my pastel leopard print nails I got done at the event!

(Top - Primark, Heels - Topshop, Jacket - Topshop, Badge - Luella, Necklace - h&m, gargantuan nose - model's own!)

It was fascinating. I chose my base colour nail polish, and then had to pick another colour for the leopard spots, which they painted on in acrylic paint with a tiny paint brush. Then sealed it all in with a top coat. I've never had my nails done properly before, so am a bit of a newbie when it comes to the world of nail art. I didn't realise just how much detail can be fitted onto someone's nails! Just look at some of the pictures from WAH Nails' blog. INSANE!

If you want to be WAH-ed like me, there's a WAH nail salon in Dalston and also Topshop's flagship. It costs about £8-20 for painted nails like mine, and £30+ for Acrylic nails. Alternatively, apply for tickets to the Chevrolet Spark Unscheduled tour, which is in London on Thursday, where there'll be a 'WAH Car' to get your nails done in (free of charge, I'm assuming!) Mystery Jets will be playing and that cutie pie Nick Grimshaw from T4 will be DJ-ing at the 250 capacity venue.

I'll be there, so please come and party with me! And get your nails pimped! I've been trying to think of a way getting the WAH girls to cram 'SAVE LUELLA' on my nails, but despite their epic skills, I doubt even they can magic me a couple of extra fingers out of thin air!

Have you been WAH-ed before? If not, what would you get painted on your nails?!


  1. Your nails look great! How much exactly did you pay for this pattern, if I may ask?:)
    Hope your evening's nice hun - I rarely comment here but am a regular reader; keep on blogging! :)

  2. Wow, they're cheaper than I thought they would be! I love them so much, will deffo be heading to TS Oxford Circus for mine down next time! Yesss. You totally chose the best pattern!

  3. Olaola - Thanks for your comment and for reading! Much appreciated. Luckily I didn't have to pay seeing as it was at this Topshop event, but I think it would cost about £20 at the salon.

    Winnie - Glad you likey :) You should get a cupcake design or something! There's nothing they can't do! x

  4. I love the leopard print - i bought some pastel coloured nail varnish today (inspired by your nail varnish post the other day). I also bought some of the mineral perfecting face powder and you are right, it really is great. Love all the product reviews - do one on fake eyelashes please!


  5. I'm going to say they are Epic!!
    The pastel leopard print look amazing on you, great choice

  6. OOHHH i want funky nails!!! they are lush....

  7. Oh they're amazing! I love the POW! design too, so gaudy!

  8. Your nails looked amazing. They came out great. It was great meeting you as well!

  9. Gem: gah, silly me. I read your previous post about the event and then somehow didn't click that's where you'd have had them done! I think my mind is seriously strained from dissertation-writing... bad times!

    The funny thing is, I usually hate nail art (ie love nail varnish and reverse French mani etc, but can't stand various designs on nails) but your leopard looks amazing. Must head over to Oxford Street soon and treat myself :)

  10. Your nails look awesome! I LOVE those baby blue ones with bows!!


  11. Wow, I love the design you chose! I'd probably pick animal print, too.

  12. so rad!
    i love the dia de los muertos skeleton head the best.

  13. i love getting your nails done, it really adds to your outfit! makes you look complete and stlylish! i m lovin the chanel nails, and hello kity! I WISH I LIVED IN EUROPE sooo jealous

    check out my blog?!


  14. Haha those nails are actually amazing! I never realised how much detail you could fit onto nails either until I saw katy perrys teeny sushi creations :) awesome stuff xx

  15. Duh, I just realised I ut Topshop event above, meant Tesco event! I'm still a blonde bimbo underneath all this hairdye...

    Rogue - I know, Katy Perry always has the best nails in the world!

  16. looove these omg! must grow nails must grow nails. argh why do i bite! i'm addicted to the fuckyeahprettynails tumblr


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