Tuesday Tip: a bra for your tights!

Yeah I'm not gonna lie, this tip is ridiculous. But it's one I have found useful many times!

I would like to respectfully request that you don't send me pictures if you try this tip, as you did with the leopard nails DIY. Lolz!

Don't you just hate it when your tights go saggy and you have to keep hoiking them up? Kinda kills a glamorous outfit doesn't it? I get this quite a lot because I have quite long legs, so I buy my tights in larger sizes which means they don't stay up too well.

Anyway, one day, I had a brainwave. I put the baggy tights on, and then took a pair of old tights which did fit really well but were now laddered (Or you could buy a small pair from Primark for a quid I guess), and chopped the legs off so they looked like cycling shorts. I put them on over the baggy tights, pulled them up, and hey presto! No sagging. It was like a bra for my tights!

No more frustratedly hoisting my tights up to my armpits only for them to droop within the hour... I was good to go!

So there you go, a short but sweet tip from the bizarre corners of my brain that is as handy as it is ridiculous! There is a totally disastrous tale of a time this tip went wrong, if you can handle the cringe factor, check it out below!

God, it was horrible reliving that! Learn from my mistakes, people!


  1. great tip, i do it all the time :) especially when i'm wearing my polka dot tights, it protects my modesty, haha!

    bless your cringe story! thank god nothing like that has ever happened to me. i can't actually think of a time when something embarrassing has happened to do with my clothes. knowing my luck it will probably happen tomorrow, now...

    i adore yout blog, and your style.

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  2. Really good tip! Must try it.

    And just listened to your cringe story... ahhhh, it sounds like the kind of thing that would have happened to me! Soo sorry that happened, but at least you'll never have to see him again!

  3. hahah brilliant! I just put a pair of black knickers over the top of mine!

  4. Great tip but super cringey story! Eeek!

  5. cringe factor 5 girlfriend

    you should send that to Mizz x

  6. LOL that sounds like something i'd do, 'sept my face would go beetroot and whilst scurrying away I'd probs trip over or something equally as embarrasing.


    p.s I always get bannished away due to call of duty, its a burden

  7. Oh no, how shameful! Why is it always the really attractive men who point these things out??

  8. Love how you are not afraid to share! :)

  9. that's so clever, i never thought of that! i just threw out a lot of old tights that fit me so perfectly, but just had loads of holes in them (i wear them with lots of love, but not enough care..)

  10. HAHAHA That's so funny! (PS. I too am a Call of Duty widow!!!) X

  11. hahah how random!

    good idea though. must get abit hot tough!


  12. Thanks for the comments :)

    Emma Jade - I don't find undies very good at holding up tights. Plus VPL!

    young-shields - Haha, I am actually a temporary Mizz reader due to a uni project. Loving it!

    Eloise & Mother Leopard - Glad I'm not the only one rejected in favour of pixels on a screen!

    Laura - Not particularly, mind you my tights are usually a thin denier.


  13. Ahh I sometimes wear an extra pair of pants over my tights but another pair of tights makes more sense!
    As for the video, gutted!

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  15. You brought the lolz, only because I know how that feels, except I had no leggings on and I was flashing my underpants, embarrassment x10! But I often like to sport the secret superman over stockings, an extra pair of underpants over the top stops the crotch creeping down, it’s hot!

    Your blog is lush, I ♥ it!
    J x

  16. aahh bless!! <3
    I'm pretty sure most people have a hideous dress-pulled-up story ^^
    Shame it was a hottie that pointed it out to you though, ouch!


    p.s. When I read the title I though you were going to be wearing tights as an actual bra...lol!

  17. I get banished by the boyfriend while he's playing COD all the time! Glad to know I'm not alone, haha.

    Great tip by the way, I only ever wear black tights and I usually wear black panties over to stop them from falling!

  18. Totally done this before, only, I'd ended up tucking my dress into my tights and been walking about for half an hour before anybody pointed it out to me! Awful!
    Never thought of the pair on pair idea, good idea, thanks :)

    Shona, xo

  19. Or you can just buy control top tights. Like ones from Spanx that come in different patterns and colors,

  20. Or you can just buy control top tights. Like ones from Spanx that come in different patterns and colors,


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