Tueday Tips... TBC

Tip of the day...

Definitely don't break your Mac charger like me. I have 25% battery left, so probably not enough power to do a proper post :(

We're buying a new one, so posting will resume very soon. I'm going home to visit my family for a couple of days (my train is in about half an hour), so I'll be back to posting on Friday. And frantically trying to get my uni work done for Monday!

So expect some stressed out blogging when I get home, and a belated Tuesday Tips that comes with a very funny story to make you all cringe at my expense. It's BAD!!! In a funny way. :)

Can't wait to get home. I'm hanging out with my little sister tonight and painting mine and her nails and and going to this sheep farm with my friend Katie tomorrow (at this time of year there's basically a 100% chance of seeing a lamb be born! EEE!). Then dinner with family tomorrow night and inevitably a charity shop romp on Thursday! Baby animals and bargains... My idea of heaven!

This will be the longest I haven't blogged in weeks so don't desert me! Will be Twittering from my mobile so feel free to follow me!

Missing you already!


  1. have fun with your sister!
    and show some pictures with the nails :)


  2. hey i found your blog from a link from another blogger and love your blog! so i nominated you for a blog award! come check it out on my site!


  3. Have fun chilling out back home!

    Did you buy anything in the new Beyond Retro?


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