Jumpsuited and booted!

Hey hey!

I went to London this afternoon for the My-Wardrobe AW/10 preview. It was a good time, lots of amazing clothes and amazing-er shoes... I might get round to posting pictures up but this is a fleeting visit because it's very late! I won't be posting tomorrow because I'm nipping home to visit my little sister for her birthday.

I didn't get an outfit picture but it basically involved baggy h&m jersey and a bodycon skirt, AKA. my new favourite outfit combo! I got a picture of my shoes and little grey socks from Dorothy Perkins, which I love.

(shoes - topshop)

I had an exchange to get sorted at Topshop so I bought this dreamy jumpsuit! I've never had a jumpsuit before but I am loving the floatiness of this one. I think it makes me look a couple of sizes bigger but I actually quite like that. I couldn't find my little grey cardigan for an outfit picture, but in an ideal scenario I'd wear this jumpsuit with the cardi and some brogues and ankle socks. But for easiness' sake, I've stuck it with my new sandals. Probably the most 'high street' I've ever looked! I feel like I'm in disguise or something... It is nice to keep it simple sometimes. God, sorry, Babble-fest 2010, I'll shut up now.

Bed time! Which means almost breakfast time. Which means Cheese & Marmite crumpets! Favourite meal of the day!



  1. I really love this playsuit - and jealous of you going to the press day! So cool!

  2. Gorgeous playsuit - I really don't think it makes you look any bigger at all by the way.

  3. Can't believe I only just discovered your blog! You are all kinds of awesome - fab jumpsuit, shoes, hair, everything!

  4. beautiful playsuit, you look good with this!!


  5. You look FAB in the jumpsuit! I could never, ever pull this off but I just love it on you. Your shoes and socks combo is rocking too!

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  7. awww I was meant to go to this but couldn't :(
    sounds really good! & I loveeee what you wore


    PS: I finally joined twitter! twitter.com/hannahmayrose_x


  8. You look fabulous in that jumpsuit! I also really like your sandals :)

  9. This looks so pretty on you, and i loveeee your hair!


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