Come dine with me...

(EDIT: How on earth did I forget to mention, I am featured on ASOS's blog today!! Clickety click!)
On the menu tonight... A cocktail of cold & flu drugs with some Mini Eggs you won't be able to taste for dessert!

Ha! Needless to say, my cold is still raging. And despite being super tired last night, for some reason I didn't get to sleep until 4am so I'm ridiculously run down today. Luckily it's the Easter Hols so I have nowhere to be and can wallow in misery all I like. And I have! Alex is away until Saturday in Scotland so I don't even have a hot doctor to look after me.

I don't normally rant about my life that much (I hope!) but thought I'd share my plans for tomorrow to see if it might be therapeutic and cheer me up.

My friend Jen & I are secret WW2 geeks and have been planning a war themed day out in London for months. Tomorrow is the day (I'm really hoping I feel better than I do now!) so we're going to the Imperial War Museum and then to the Britain at War experience, which has loads of cool war stuff to see and do (you can sit in air raid shelters and hear the sirens, etc... Eee!!) I remember because I went there with school when I was about 12, haha! If we have time we'll nip to the Science Museum just to mix things up a bit! I've always loved museums, so I'm super duper mega excited for our special day!

And just to claw back a few of the cool points we'll have lost during the day, we're going to that Chevrolet Spark launch I mentioned in the evening. The Mystery Jets are playing which will be sweet and I'm hoping to get my nails done again because WAH are there. Can't decide what I want this time! Am thinking 'MEOW' on the fingers with a little cat on my thumbnail...

I actually do feel a lot happier now, so thanks for reading about my contrasting day!

So tell me... Do you have any uncool things that fascinate you?? I love hearing other people's geeky interests!

Lurgies and love ♥


  1. That sounds like a brilliant day! Although I went to the Science museum with T not long ago and it was a bit of a let down - National History is just next door and is meant to be much better!

    Enjoy x

  2. that sounds like a pretty wicked day out to me, the bunker thing sounds cool. there's an old bunker in the park down the road from my house.

    that's a lotta pillllsssss

  3. Hope you feel better! Chocolate always helps me.
    Ooo, I'm going to be at the Chevvy launch in the evening as well. Hopefully see you there.

  4. This makes me want my mini eggs.

    Told you that this would make you feel better :)


  5. argh hope you feel better soon!!drink crap loads of water, for some reason that seems to shorten the life of the cold :)
    and wow!!LOVE your plans for tomorrow :)
    my geeky secret; i LOVE period detective programmes, currently getting way too excited about the new series of Foyles War ^_^

  6. my geeky secret...univeristy challenge is my favourite tv programme!

    liking your blog btw :) x

  7. Oooh, that sounds like a great day! I live very close to Britain at War :) If I weren't away I could play a crazy stalker and sit there tmrw whole day trying to spot you, ha ;)

    Don't worry.
    I'm kidding.
    And I'm away anyway ;)

    xx hope you feel better

  8. Mmmm mini eggs- love!

    Thanks for the blog comment. I've just been reading yours and am so glad I've found it- it's brilliant. Looking forward to reading more x

  9. Sounds like a great day to me! I'm currently planning a whole holiday in June around visiting places where Catherine of Aragon lived so that's probably all you need to know about my geekishness! I have endless interests that could never possibly be described as cool though, hahaha.

  10. I love tropical fish..... I bore my friends with it all of the time "OH MY GOD GUYS I've bought some new neons," or something of that ilk... but they go along with it to please me :)

    War fascination is cool (as long as it's not the morbid kind), at least it's educational!

    I love reading your blog! I think I've commented before but you always come across as being so sincere and generally enthralled by what you write about, basic. - YOU GO GIRL!

    Hope you get better soon ♥


  11. Ok I am finally leaving u a comment after reading your blog for the last couple of months- I even read all of your old posts (I know, creepy!) But I just love reading your blog! You inspired me to start writing in my blog.

    I am completely obsessed with bulldogs and want a puppy so bad! I can’t have one and everyone knows how much I want one but due to planning to move to London next year I cant! Me talking about this drives my bf insane.

    <3 I hope you get better for tomorrow!
    Jess x


  12. That really does sound like a cool day!

    My geeky (not so) secret pleasure is..wait for it...dolls houses. I don't know what it is exactly that I love but I think it could be the decorating with real 12th scale wallpaper or carpet. And don't get me started on all the little things you can find to put inside it!!

  13. I saw your feature on ASOS and absolutely loved it so then of course I had to check out your blog...!

    It's such a fun read. Followy Follow!


  14. Oh hurrah, another WW2 Geek! The imperial war museum is my idea of heaven, I adore that place.

  15. Hope you had a great day out in london missus :) Haha its sad times when youve got the cold and only get to enjoy the texture of your food, never mind the flavour. xx

  16. looks you will have a great days, hope you get better!


  17. i love war stuff too..that sounds like a weird thing to say..but i have the same love! I think i need to go back to the imperial war museum sometime soon.
    and I spy mini eggs - i've been scoffing on them all week! x

  18. Ah no, advertising on blogs is definitely not a bad idea, it's just annoying when blogs put up adverts that have absolutely nothing to do with the content they post. oh deary, haha.

    and eee you look so sweet, the "droopy nipples" phrase made me laugh like crazy :D i have some tops like that, but i wear them anyway :P

    added you to my bloglist!


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