You know the 'drille!

A bit of cringey hungover wordplay for you there!

I am obviously referring to Espadrilles! Topshop are selling these adorable floral pairs £12 at the moment!

I bought the black ones. A word of warning if you do decide to snap up a pair - they come up quite small, so if you're a half size like me, go with the bigger size.

And I'll quickly share a bit of a Topshop 'insider' tip while we're on the subject, because a lot of people don't know this one. If you're buying off the internet, and decide to return everything on the receipt, they can refund your postage (if you ask)! It's really handy if you want to buy something but don't want to risk spending a fiver on the postage if it isn't right!

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend! I had my friend Jen round last night for Cheeky Vimto and a gossip. It was loads of fun. I've also been road-testing some Models Own products, so I'll be giving you the scoop on that tomorrow!

Until then,


  1. Oh they're cute! Keep us updated on how well they last? I'm a bit wary with flimsy shoes.

  2. Cute! I brought espadrilles from tops last year, they didn't last very long unfortunately but they were super cute so I didn't care. As for the postage tip, that is dangerous knowlegde. I'm shoppong as we speak! X

  3. you know what i saw these and thought they were adorable.. i may just have to get a pair now

  4. So pretty, they make me long for warm weather!

  5. Aahh I love espadrilles! I thought it was just me and middle aged women?! I've got a few wedge pairs but definitely need some of these, so nice for summer without inflicting my ugly toes on the world! ^^

  6. ohhh those shoes are amazing! definitely need some :) xx


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