Tuesday Tips!

Hey hey!

Long time no type! I went to stay with my mum and sister by the sea for a couple of days and had a lovely time! I trooped round the 20-or-so charity shops Bexhill has to offer yesterday but only managed to find one cool thing (a button up wool jacket - pics tomorrow perhaps!)

So I thought it might be fun to have a bit of routine to the blog, so welcome to my new feature - Tuesday tips! Every Tuesday I will share with you either a DIY or hair/beauty tip. Today I couldn't decide which to share, so as an introductory offer, you shall receive a DIY and beauty tip!

Tip 1. From Camel-toe to Crop-top in 1 snip!

This is a pretty madcap DIY tutorial, but may be of interest to someone! I've had this strange and immensely high legged swimsuit that I found in a charity shop knocking around for a couple of years. I never wear it because of discomfort issues, so recently had the brainwave to turn it into a crop. I snipped across the crotch, put it on over a bra, and folded the pointy material back on itself, tucking it in my bra! I know it sounds bizarre, but it saves hemming it, and if you cut straight across in the first place the material might go all rolled up and crap. So if you spot any vintage swimwear with potential, give it a go!

Tip 2. The slightly trampy guide to wearing the finest foundation - for free!
It takes a lot of guts to admit this to you guys because it is pretty shameful! But these services are a dream for poor students like myself! Here goes...The Christmas before last, I decided I'd invest my Christmas money in a quality foundation. Off I went to Fenwick's, where I hit the Mac counter. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing over their Studio Fix foundation, because it looked good but I wasn't sure whether it would disappear after an hour or so. I mentioned my quandary to the sales assistant, and she proceeded to fill up a little pot of it for me to test at home. For free! It lasted me about 4 weeks!

I wasn't convinced by that foundation in the end, but read that Lancome do a good one. So I went to Debenham's. The same thing happened there! They filled a little bottle up for me because I was unsure whether it would irritate my skin because it was a full coverage foundation. From that point, whenever my freebie was running low and I happened to be in a different town, I'd hit the Mac/Lancome counter feigning uncertainty! I'm not proud of this, but for the first time in my life I was using top-notch foundation and not even having to pay a penny! I survived for about a year doing this, then I started feeling a bit guilty. Anyway, the foundations weren't perfect enough for me to commit to spending £20+ them otherwise I would've (honest!).

I'm on the straight and narrow these days, enjoying a Barry M foundation I actually paid money for. But I thought I'd share my tip for those that don't know that you can try out these pricey foundations for free! Whether you choose to exploit the system like I did is entirely up to you. I'm not here to judge! And I hope you aren't either..!

I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday tips! I'm off to watch the last half of Avatar with Alex. We started it last night and I'm loving it! I have a really bad headache though so might end up switching it off. :(





    Anyway, this is really cute and some great ideas: keep it up! :)

  2. I'm all for taking advantage of the free samples! MAC are really good for this, I've had moisturiser and all sorts from them.

  3. ahaha, I love that you kept it up for a year :D
    I'm a bit of a rubbish girl really....all I wear on my face is a bit of powder (from a company called Sante, their makeup is all natural ingrediants, I had one HELL of an allergic reaction a few years ago and I'm convinced it was makeup related, seriously I looked like I'd been in a car accident and then had a baseball bat taken to my face...no joke)
    So my skin probably looks crap all the time! I just concentrate on the eye makeup..

    The word 'crop' fills me with fear, must get back to the sit ups! ><

  4. This is why i love you! I can't believe i actually BOUGHT my mac foundation! Why didn't i know about this? Exploitation begins at the end of my bottle!
    As for the crop top swimsuit.. totally inspired! Its so cute and you look gorgeous!! I can just imagine the pre-owner - an 80s ultra high legged baywatch babe xx

  5. I love free samples! You look very cute with the bow in your hair xx

  6. love the DIY ideas, and recycle some things that one time we think was the end, the result is beautiful!


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  8. Good for you, I got railroaded into buying a YSL foundation by the salesgirl recently, and it's abit crap, i wasn't a happy bunny!

  9. these are both actually amazing tips. i really need to do that with the make-up counters, brilliant!

  10. omg i didn't know mac were so generous with their freebies! i'm so up for that! i totally do this too for skincare samples and say 'it's my birthday in two weeks and i want to better my skincare', clarins are really good with samples! but i hate when you go and the assistants are snooty and will offer no help booo! also feel a bit bad when benefit write out a whole list and say people can quote your name when visiting to buy presents so i don't go there anymore!

  11. I just came across this blog and found it very interesting indeed.Thanks for sharing.


  12. Bahahahhahaha - hilarious Gem! Nicely done! Wonder if they do this in SA, I shall have to investigate. 'Foundation Fiends' - coming to ITV summer!

  13. I love the idea for the crop top! It really suits you! And the foundation idea is a really good one! Great blog!!! xx :)

  14. Brilliant!
    I have done the same. Unfortunately I can never find anything on the high street that suits my pale skin so I've been buying the foundy but it lasts me so much longer than any other brand, so I'm saving money, really!
    I think I have about mac 6 tester pots at home! My favourite is the primer! I've had a few pots of primer! :)

  15. Wow, this blogpost is fantastic! :D


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