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Bear with me tonight, I have a banging headache so I apologise in advance for any grammatical errors or general rabbiting. Apologies also for the glaring absence of Tuesday tips. In keeping with alliteration, for one week only, it shall become Thursday tips! And in the event of an emergency, Thriday tips!

Anywho, the reason I couldn't share any Tuesday tips was because I was in London for the day. I spent the evening at the preview of Tesco's new F&F Couture range. I literally didn't know what to expect as when I got the event invite, they wouldn't tell me what it was for, only that it was 'worth it'! I was slightly surprised when I got there to find it was Tesco. But I put my pre-conceptions to one side (as well as my fantasies that it might've been a secret 'Luella's back!!!' party or something... I have an over-active imagination.)

I went upstairs to the showroom to meet the team and check out the range, and was delighted to see some WAH Nails artists there, as I had been whingeing on Twitter about the state of my nails! Check my Twitter for a Twitpic, will post properly tomorrow! More on WAH soon, but for now, back to Tesco!

The big deal was that Tesco have launched a couture range, priced between £40-£140. The clothes were noticeably great quality, with silk and sequins being key themes in the collection. I'd say it was aimed at the 26-40 age bracket and admittedly it wasn't to my taste. Here are a few items:

Being a bargain lover at heart, I was far more interested in the F+F trend collections. I don't live near a Tesco that stocks clothes so it really was a suprise to see how cheap it all was! Dresses and playsuits were generally no more than £20 (except the cute silk dress below, which I just saw online), and most tops were under £10. There was a lot of nautical going on and I spied some cute Miami inspired pieces (for some reason I LOVED the green hotpants, but they aren't available online just yet!) The key new trend on the way is Ibiza inspired, so lots of fluorescent colours and bright prints.

It was a really good night, I enjoyed meeting some other bloggers including the lovely Fritha Louise from The Fish Tank, whose outfit looked super cool, Sherin from Hi Fashion, Tor of Fabfrocks and Jenny The Style PA. I also saw the wonderfulMarian Kihogo, but was deep in conversation & by the time I'd shut up, she'd gone, so I was sad I didn't get to meet her!

(Personalised cupcakes, Fritha & Jenny getting their nails did, me trying on the 'star' of the couture collection - The £140 Pagoda Dress! Note my soaking wet feet. Worst decision EVER to wear my hole-y suede brogues!)
To conclude... It will be interesting to see how the F&F Couture collection is received. Tesco as a brand is synonymous with value for money. People that shop there are looking for low prices, so whether they can attract the big spenders in the first instance will be their first test. I can understand them wanting to shake things up a bit and do something unexpected, and it's great that they're the pioneers of this supermarket couture concept. But time will tell whether or not Tesco has that covetability factor that will prize women away from the established quality fashion retailers.

As for F&F's main trend line, it does what it says on the tin - it's on trend and below budget. I didn't realise it was all available to buy online, so if you're like me and don't live near a big Tesco, it's definitely worth a click!

So what do you make of the F&F couture collection and trend range?


  1. Ooh nice review. Love the post title!!
    It was so lovely meeting you last night!

  2. its weird, just abit too weird. overpriced and not my style.

    but f+f has great stuff! i picked up some amazing bargains from there :) xxx

  3. Great review Gem. I'm really not sure about a lot of the couture pieces but generally, the F&F range has some really nice stuff. I've just got 3 gorgeous skirts from there, can't wait to wear them!

  4. To be honest I don't like this, if I had £140 I would spend it on things in Topshop which can be more original than that coat - I just don't really see who their target audience is. If it were young people, it's too expensive, it's the wrong kind of shop for wealthy twentysomething trendies, and it's too directional for older people. I think they would have been better branching out into luxury cashmere and wool coats and stuff for a fortysomething lady...

  5. I am with most people on this one, I love the F&F Trend ranges, affordable supermarket chic! But couldnt justify spending that kind of money on a dress in most stores, never mind in Tescos. Think the Mr would have a fit seeing that tagged onto the food shop!

  6. That grey dress looks amazing! I have always been a secret fan of F&F, and now I may come out if they are going coture.. excited for this.

    Please get that grey dress, it's smashing on you. x

  7. Couture and tesco don't really seem like they go together, I have to say, but that dress with the collar you are wearing above does look pretty special, I will definitely check this out!

  8. your dress looks wicked. hmmm not sure at all, seems like a clash of interests and the wrong market. i guess we will see

  9. I think its very strange and isn't going to be received well, people who spend that type of money don't want the tesco name attached to it. The designs aren't fantastic either.Not really impresses, great post though.

  10. I quite like the F+F stuff. I always see some right bargains online but never see anything I like in store.
    Not sure about getting anything from the Couture section tbh. £140 can buy me another McQueen scarf which i'd much rather have!


  11. I'd never thought about f&f clothes before but then I went onto the website on hearing about a 20% off everything promotion (I was recovering from being ill and bored!) and was pretty damn impressed. I ended up getting some super comfy and good quality harem pants, an amazing wolf print t shirt a really well fitting exposed zip jumper & some pleated high waisted jeans that were gorgeous but looked rubbish on so went back:( I am definitely going to keep an eye on the site from now on!

    I just found your blog, and was excited because I might be moving to Canterbury soon :) x

  12. hahaha imagine a luella is back party! wow brave to go to a mystery event! i really want wah nails, definitely going to topshop when i hit london, oh and actually grow my nails!! wouldn't shop at a supermarket though unless they revealed their quality and ethical stance


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