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On Wednesday Alex & I went to watch Shutter Island at the cinema with some friends. It was amazing! I totally recommend it. I thought it would be 'scary' but it wasn't at all. I think we're watching An Education tonight, which I'm really excited about. Has anyone seen it? Is it worth the hype? Anyhow, here's what we wore. I did my usual thing of getting carried away as soon as the sun comes out and ended up freezing my butt off in the cinema. Alex was a tad more sensible...

(Alex: Jacket - Blue Inc, Shirt - Gap, Tee - h&m, Jeans - Topshop, Beanie - h&m, Battered shoes - Vans! // Me: Top - Topshop, Jacket - Topshop about 10 years ago, Leggings - h&m, Sandals - Topshop, Tote - Mighty Thrifty, Sunglasses - I found them at uni!)

I bought Nylon yesterday and I have to say it's the best one I've read in ages! It was the probably the fattest Nylon I've ever read. Their Swatch editorial really caught my eye, and I realised that Nylon are taking part in that Swatch competition (I saw it in Dazed too), where all the magazines have to do an editorial including the new (or old?) 80's Swatch watches, and then one gets voted the winner. My vote went to Nylon. Such awesome and imaginative styling! Who'd have thought to use Swatches as braces? Or create a cage skirt with them? Madness!

I tried to scan the pictures in but I dropped my scanner the other day and think I basically killed it... So I've nicked the pics from the Swatch site. They're pretty small so I do apologise. Go and buy Nylon if you want to see the bigger picture (accidental wordplay there! The best kind!)


Hope you all have a great day. I have no plans, which is my favourite kind of day :)



  1. An Education is brilliant - hope you enjoy it!

  2. I haven't bought Nylon in ages, since I was at college haha, going to have to send my friend on a mission as she works near the only place that sells it in Bristol!

  3. i used to have a swatch watch and then i lost it. x4 (this happened to me on at least four occasions) sob.

    looking uber cute as per
    xx fi

  4. Ha, my feet aren't coming out til at least June!
    But you do look very cool ^^

    I've only started wearing a watch again after over 10 years, I have a particulaly cool boy's one from Argos complete with camouflage strap and helicopter second hand. Now i'm a bit watch-mad, I want a swatch!

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  6. You are super cute and I love the neon watches paired with the jewels. xo Mish


  7. I thought An Education was really good. I am reading the book right now, what did you think of it?


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  9. now i want to see Shutter Island!!

  10. I haven't seen An Education but I really should since Lynn Barber (the lady who wrote the memoir) ended up at my Oxford college, living in my building! I spoke to her on the phone once and she's really nice.

    I haven't bought a Nylon in aaaaaages, I'm going to have to now...


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