Spice up your life!

((Congrats to Hannah, who won my Reebok comp! Thanks to all who entered!))

I abused the good old Boots 3 for 2 offer today and bought some lipstick and nail varnishes! I bought some red lipstick because now I have dark hair for the first time in years, I can actually wear it without looking half dead (like when I was blonde) or just clashy - in a bad way (when I had red hair). I also bought some black nail varnish and that lovely mint green shade that everyone's wearing right now!

Here's what I wore this evening. I think this is the debut of my union jack dress on the blog! I was so inspired by that awesome picture of Laura Fraser, I just had to get one!

(I uploaded this pic to my Lookbook page, feel free to 'hype' it! I'm very new to that place and not entirely sure I like it...)

I hope you've had a great week and have some nice plans lined up for the weekend! We've got friends over for dinner and a movie tomorrow and then I'm going home to visit my family for mother's day on Sunday. My little sister is going to cook dinner (I MIGHT help...) and then we're going to see Alice in Wonderland 3D! I have a pretty OTT reaction to 3D films (things look like they're about to touch you!!) so I hope I don't end up making my mum cringe on her special day! Haha!




  1. That union jack dress brings back memories!! x

  2. I've meant to ask for ages which false lashes you use? I desperately want to try them but I don't know which are the best to go for. Help!


  3. That union jack dress is amazingly gorgeous! And the lipstick is gorgeous, I can never quite get lipstick right, and I'm sooo lazy about reapplying!

  4. Aw you look lovely Gem! Love the nails and the red lippy. I've been meaning to get a decent shade of red for years! Love that sweet little Eiffel tower tatt too!

    Have fun watching Alice, I'm going to see it on MOnday!

  5. Hi, Gem!
    I congratulate you with registration at lookbook.nu.
    I've been there too, would like to register, but I do not get .... You would not I help?

  6. I love your style! This is so weird as well, I've just noticed I know your brother, we go to uni together, which I totally didn't realise when I started following your blog! Small world! x


  7. That dress is SO Ginger Spice!! Amazing.

  8. Thanks for the comments guys :) Glad there's some union jack love in the room!

    Rachel - HAHA! It's not the same dress as our tribute act days! I think there's still a cringey home video somewhere, threatening to ruin my/our lives!

    Amelia - The best lashes I ever had are by Ardell and are called 'Demi Wispies' - search them on ebay, they're less than a fiver! :)

    Harriet - I wore the 17 one today to work and didn't have to reapply once! My lips were a tad dry by the end of the day but the colour looked perfect all day!

    Winnie - Thanks for lovely comments :) Hope you enjoy Alice! I keep hearing mixed reviews..

    Sophie - Everyone knows that boy! Haha!

  9. You look SUPER cute. My bloggers bloc is over. I finally joined cyberspace again. So nice to see you at fashion week I will totally post the picutres soon x

  10. Woop, very patriotic! Love it :D

    Lipstick looks amazing on you too. I only own one lipstick, tragic! I'm never sure what would suit me.

  11. You really suit the red lipstick. I had one of the union jack dresses when Geri wore hers(a long long time ago!). I wanted it so badly i got one 3 sizes up as my size was sold out and my mum had to alter it for me xx

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  13. oh
    i really love your blog
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    everything :)

  14. sorry for late commenting, still behind on google reader! looove the lipstick i have a number 17 one that's pretty good, gonna check out the other colours! i'm going to go to makeup counters and ask which shades might suit me and then say i'm gona test the lipstick, and then i'll go find a high street copy hahaha! barry m lipsticks are good too. btw i bet you'd look good with fierce megan fox-like dark eyebrows! xx


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