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[BTW, if you didn't enter my Style Compare competition to win £250 to spend on the site, you have til the end of the weekend! Get involved, the prize is epic!]

Hey all, happy Friday!!

I haven't been going into uni for a while, as they're giving me a separate project brief due to some mitigating circumstances (not mine, my project partner's). Therefore the current lectures aren't relevant to me. So I decided to use the extra time productively and for the first time in months, I've dusted off my eBay account and listed a few items!

Here are the items in question if you're interested in giving me some pocket money!

I edited the last picture today using Pixlr, a site I wish I'd heard about years ago. It's basically a slightly simplified, free version of Photoshop (you don't even need to register!). Perfect for those that can't afford the real deal! Here's what it looks like...

I heard about the site via Style Sample Magazine. Have you heard of it before? I only found it today and it's an online magazine/blog especially for bloggers! The site and magazine are full of useful articles such as 'Fashion Bloggers and PR - Maintaining a relationship' (tips on what to expect from/what to deliver to PR's, 'The etiquette of comment sections', making money from advertising, creating a Facebook page for your blog... There's tons of really useful stuff so I thoroughly recommend it!

Here's a link to the current issue of their online magazine, but there's lots of cool stuff on the site itself too. I hope you find something useful on there like I did!

Do you have any nice plans for the weekend? Alex left a couple of hours ago to go and stay with his friends at his parent's flat by the sea for the weekend. So I have a lonely night ahead! I'm hopefully having a friend staying over tomorrow night which will be good fun.

I am just a bit nervous about staying alone tonight... I recently lost my house key and I'm scared I left it in the front door and someone has nicked it and is going to rob and/or murder me! Probably unlikely and a touch melodramatic but still... Hopefully Roxy will protect me, she's got a fierce scratch!

Love! xxx


  1. i'll be sure to check out this magazine, sounds interesting

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  3. Ooh, that sounds like a really interesting magazine, I will definitely check it out - I'm always on the hunt for more blogger resources, so the pixlr website sounds really good too.

  4. I'm totally stalking your ebay

  5. Wow, awesome stuff - and I shall have to check out that programme! Looks perfect!

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  7. I love the floral dress in the last pic! Someone who won that will be very lucky indeed.

    and hope you enjoyed your night in! ;)

  8. Thanks for the link to the website - looks like a great one.

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