Models Own review

Morning all!

Models Own sent me some products last week to try out, so after a weekend of rigorous trials, here's the scoop!

They sent 4 shades of nail polish. I wanted to test them out all at once so I created a sensible hand and crazy hand!

The nail varnishes are a fiver and come in stylish chunky glass bottles, and I found that the big cap makes it a lot easier to apply.

Purple Grey - I loved this shade. It looks more brown in the pictures, but it has a lovely Grape tone in it. It was a thick and creamy formula, which made it really easy to control while applying.

Nude Beige - The delicate shade is beautiful and is clearly going to be one of their bestsellers for Spring/Summer, but it wasn't for me. Nude shades don't suit me. It was the same consistency as Purple Grey so went on with no bother.

Dream Lilac - I loved this candy shade, and I'm not gonna lie, a small bit of me did want to eat it. I'm not sure if it was because I was trying to do my left hand, but I found this tricky to apply. The consistency was a bit thinner than the others, so I had to start over a couple of times. Eventually I go there and it dried quickly with a lovely smooth finish.

Hot Pink - This shade is probably more Coral than Pink, and that's a good thing! It was the wateriest formula of all of the shades, and didn't go on too evenly. After a few coats, it looked perfect though and has a nice glossy finish.

What I love about these block colour shades and the glossy finish is that they create a really plasticy look, if that makes sense! I put the shades to the test by doing some housework. I scrubbed the cooker and did some washing up (washing up is like Kryptonite to my 17 nail polish! It never survives it). I'm happy to report that Models Own passed the test with flying colours! No chips.

I also tested out some Eyeshadow in Jade Green (£5). I've had a few Barry M eyeshadows like this one and have always ended up with unwanted glitter all under my eyes, but this Models Own one went only where I wanted it to, which was a surprise! I don't really wear eyeshadow because I always find it looks good for a while then goes all creasey and rubbish. This one survived a busy Saturday shift at Topshop, and looked almost perfect at the end of the day. Slightly faded but no creases at all!

Finally I tried their eyeliner. The Shade was Marine Blue which didn't really suit me, but the colour lasted very well and the amazing thing is that not only does it have a smudger on the end but it has an in-built sharpener on the lid! I think that's such a nifty feature, especially seeing as my current eyeliner is so blunt it's just this scratchy little stump. When my next student loan comes in, I'm definitely ordering this in Black. I can't believe it's only £5!

What strikes me about the products I've tried is that they just make looking good easier. The nail polish lasts, so you won't look all chipped and scruffy the next day. Or even the day after. The eyeshadow is easy to use and stays put. The eyeliner is built to be perfectly sharp every time you use it. Best of all, for what you get, the prices are a bargain. There's all kinds of deals on the site (3 Nail Varnishes for £12... Free 6-way nail buffer with your first order!) so you're getting style AND substance - for a reasonable price!

So that's the deal! Have you tried any Models Own products? What did you think?

Ps - I'm saving some of the other products I received for my next giveaway, so stay tuned! x


  1. How lucky you are to get to try Models Own! The colours look amazing!! I wouldn't mind the 'crazy hand' colours :D


  2. great review, I've been eyeing models own for ages, but wanted an opinion I could trust before purchasing...think I might have to now ;)

  3. Fab review Gem. I love your crazy nails :)

  4. It looks good with the blended nails, even if you don't like the nude as it is it still does look more edgy next to the purple :)

  5. I love models own!!! We sell that at River I try test all the samples that laned on my desk!!! You lucky gal :)

  6. I really like Models Own nail polishes, i have Purple Grey and its one of my faves x

  7. I want all of the colours. But that purple grey is especially gorgeous. I've never tried models own but I'm impressed it survived your housework so I think I'll be buying some soon!


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