Miracle Product: Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals

(This is not a sponsored post - I'm just the enthusiastic type)

Today I bought the best face makeup product I've found in ages. I discovered it through my friend Jen, who showed me it in the club toilet one night when we were out on the razz. I was amazed. Probably a little bit more than I am now, as I was... well, pissed.

I never really use face powder, but this stuff is just awesome. It is like... new skin, in powder format! You apply the powder over just moisturiser with the little brush included, and it gives a fuller coverage than any foundation I've tried. I've got a horrible pink uneven skin tone, but after using this powder it looks perfect. I'm not really spot prone, but it is nice to know it's good for my skin anyway, seeing as it's mineral based.

I took a before and after pic, but it doesn't really do it justice. All I can say is, next time you're in Boots, get to the Collection 2000 section pronto and try it out, you won't believe the result. Oh, and it's only £4.99!!!

I just get so excited when you find something that's cheap but really works!

Have you got any miracle products??

I hope you all have some nice weekend plans. I'm going out with friends tomorrow night, and in the meantime road-testing some Models Own products for an upcoming review!

Bonsoir ♥


  1. I love this stuff, and all Collection 2000 skin products actually..oh and their glitter eyeliners, I have them all!

  2. Oh, this sounds great! I'm always looking for a new face powder, will definitely check this out.

    My favourite product right now is Elf's mineral face primer - I love it!

  3. Excellent, i haven't tried this range before, but i will try this xxx

  4. I loved this when i first started using it but my skin seems to have become immune..

  5. this looks amazing oh why don't they do any darker shades.. missing out here..

  6. I bought this on your recommendation today from Wilkinsons (my favourite weird budget-beauty shop) as like you, I'm interested in finding a beauty bargain! I'll try it out tomorrow. I'll probably mention it along with my love of Wilkinsons on my blog (I've only just started it so it's nothing too exciting yet but you can bookmark it at motherleopard.blogspot.com x)

  7. Mother Leopard - Ooh good luck, hope you like it! I look forward to hearing how you got on :) x

  8. I brought some of this to try has its just what i need, but i just wondered what colour do you get it in? one of the testers was missing, i got it in honey but it seems abit pale i think il try ivory next just wondered what shade you have it in? Gem xx

  9. I loved this product. Sadly its been discontinued and now I can't find any anywhere... Bad, bad C2000


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