Charity shop finds!

Hey all, hope you had a lovely weekend! Mine was average... I watched An Education on Saturday night. I wasn't bowled over by it... I didn't like the main character Jenny at all. Visually, I really liked the film. I do love 60s style. If I could go back to any era, the 60s would probably be it!

Speaking of 60s style, I've come across some fabulous modette looking things on my various charity shop trawls lately.

Firstly, this lovely wool jacket with checked lining. I am quite into the androgynous look at the moment so I've been teaming it with jeans and flats as opposed to skirts or dresses.

Secondly, I found this adorable leather weekend bag today for... £1!!! I found it in The Hospice Shop, Canterbury's only charity shop that hasn't realised how 'in' it is and therefore increased the prices 500% (SO annoying. Who in their right mind is going to pay £4.50 for a grotty old t-shirt from Primark?!)

I had a little rummage in the pockets, hoping to find a £50 note (naturally), and instead found a key for the bag's lock, attached to a little hand-stamped label. My first thought was 'how cute!'. My second thought was, 'Wow, that's actually pretty damn useful!' I'm always hyper-stressed about pick pockets etc when I'm travelling... Not anymore!

Have you found any charity shop bargains lately??

Ooh, by the way, I also picked up some important ingredients for tomorrow's Tuesday Tips DIY in the charity shop! Watch this space...


  1. woweeee what a wicked find. 1 freaking pound! it looks in excellent condition to, i wonder what stories it has to tell, shame we can never find out stuff like that. digging the coat too. one of my friends is uber mod right now, living in brighton of course

  2. Oh wow, that bag is lush! I've been trawling my local charity shops hoping to find a carpet/tapestry bag, but I've had no luck :(

  3. Bloody brilliant when you snag such a bargain, they always seem to be things you appreciate the most. Love the mod coat, such a great look


  4. Love both of your fab bargains but I think the bag may just edge it for me. What a great colour and size.

  5. Thanks to you, I discovered charity shops! ♥

  6. wow, that bag is such an amazing find! and, oh, how you make me miss charity shopping (i studied in bradford last year)! thrift stores in the u.s. just aren't the same...

  7. So very impressed. Charity shops down here cost the same as the bloody highstreet.

  8. Love your charity shop blogs! I do some too (love charity shop bargains). Hopefully you can find time to check out my blog :)


  9. I've been wandering through your old posts and my Nan works in the Hospice Shop! I'm allowed to go upstairs where all the special things and things that haven't been put out yet live, it's my favourite place ever!

    If there's a little lady with blonde hair called Elaine in there when you go in next, I'm sure she'll let you raid the upstairs if you say you 'know' me!

    Apologies for blog stalking...

    tweet tweet tweet


  10. LOVE that bag, uber cool and in great condition! I do some charity shop fashion blogs too if anyone fancies a look! http://thecharityshopchic.blogspot.com/
    keep up the good work! :) x

  11. Wow, just came across your blog! I have one too called Tales from The Cherry Tree which is all about the bargains I get from charity shops and the love I have for each individual item. Check it out, it's fairly new but I have masses to write about so hope to get on and blog every day.
    Loving that bag you bought, what a bargain! I am called Gem too by the way.

  12. Hi there.
    I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. I also have a blog about my charity shop finds (it's called Tales from the Cherry Tree).
    I adore charity shop bargains and am called Gem too, how funny!
    Love your blog!

  13. Great finds. I agree some of the charity shop prices are a little unrealistic. There was a Next dress in my local charity shop for £18 the other day, It really wasn't anything special.

  14. Great finds! i have to admit that i am slightly obsessed with charity stores! i just love that feeling of finding something amzing in all the.... slightly less amazing garments they have in store! you may also like the blog: http://thesmartgirlsguidetoop-shopping.blogspot.co.nz/. Really lovely blog!

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