Baby it's fact!

A trillion months ago, I was given the 'Gorgeous Blogger Award' by both Rachel from I ♥ That and Fritha Louise from The Fish Tank. Thank you so much, girls and sorry for the beyond belated response! The rules state that I must now tell you 7 interesting things about myself. So here are some fun and not-so-fun facts about me!

1. I have 'Hyper Mobility Syndrome'
This pointless condition basically means my joints are really flexible, and not even in a cool way like 'I can do the splits!' I just have really bendy hands and arms! Bizarre!

2. I watch everything with subtitles
I have to watch everything with subtitles (films and tv shows). I don't know why, but it just helps me concentrate better. Luckily my boyfriend is the same way (what are the chances?)! I've done it since I was young and I think it's why I'm really good at spelling, because I don't just watch the TV, I read the TV too! I've actually thought about being a subtitler (is that a word?) before because I think I'd be good at it. My pet hate is spelling/grammar errors on subtitles! Whoever does the Hollyoaks ones must be drunk on the job, I'm sure of it.

3. I survived a crash with a double lorry on the M25
A few years ago, I was going to see Blink 182 with my ex, my brother, his girlfriend and my mum (she loves Blink!) The lorry in the lane to the left of us started to indicate and my mum realised we were in his blind spot and he couldn't see us. She sped up to get out of his path because he was going to crush us against the central reservation, but we didn't quite speed up in time. The lorry clipped the back of our car and spun us round so we were stuck to the front of it and shunted us up the motorway for a few hundred yards before finally stopping. The car was written off, but we were all unharmed (physically). Since that day, I believe in guardian angels. The police said it was a miracle we were all fine. I lost my dad and all my grandparents when I was younger, so it's nice to feel like they are protecting me. And since that day, I truly believe they are.

4. I used to LOVE S club 7!
I used to totally obsess over these guys, and got to meet them when I was about 11, which was basically a dream come true, haha! I cringe a bit now, but they had some wicked songs, don't deny it!

5. Hand cream is my religion.
I am a hand cream addict. I'm using one by Dove at the moment and it gets a big thumbs up!

6. Eff Fashion... I want to be a zookeeper!
Well, not quite. Although I'm studying to be a Fashion Journalist, a career with animals is where my heart lies. I'm t0o squeamish to be a vet (trust me, I did work placement at a vets surgery *shudder*.) but I'd love to invent a Cat Hotel or something. A five, no, SIX star cat boarding place. It would be so cool! I think I'll save that dream until I've retired or have had children and fancy an easier life. Until then, fashion is my plan B!

7. I am very broody.
I have been so broody for a couple of years now. There's no way I'll have a baby yet, I'm a firm believer in making some cash first before I start making babies. I've been with Alex almost 5 years and we talk about babies quite a lot, which is lovely. If the stereotype is correct, most guys would run for the hills at the slightest mention of babies! I want a baby girl and I'm going to call her Poppy. I really don't want a boy so if that happens, I'll probably just switch it with someone else's baby. Ha! I'm joking! If my firstborn is a boy, I am coming back to delete this post!

So there we go... That's me... I feel all naked now!! Can you please tell me 1 interesting thing about you to redress the balance here?

Love ♥


  1. i so just nearly broke my thumb trying to do that!

    i think i my try to subtitles thing because i cant spell to save my life & poppy is a lovely name!

    I'm 20 years of age and have been with my boy for 7 years! sweethearts much! :) xxx

  2. I can bend my thumbs like that too! can't do the other bendy things though! Love the sound of the cat hotel!

  3. This is the greatest facts post ever :D

    The car accident sounds horrific, I've never been in an accident before (*touch wood*) but I seriously live in fear of it happening, probably why I'm 25 and haven't had a single driving lesson yet!

    The Cat Hotel sounds great! I've had mad plans in my head about having a little bird sanctuary one day, for all the budgies etc that have been crammed in 'orrible cages most of their little lives.

    I've been with my boyf for over 5 years now but he's just over a year younger than me, any baby talk freaks him right out! It's a bit weird cos I feel so young but my sister had her first boy at 24, younger than I am now! And now she's not even 30 and has 3 boys, eek! I want to be a young mum but go sooooo much to do first.

    p.s. There ain't no party like an S Club party! :D

  4. Ha, i hear you about the wanting to be a zookeeper, i spent my pre-teens surrounded by a menagerie of waifs and strays and even dog-sitted (as apposed to babysat!) some of my mums friends pets when they went on hols. I'm to squeamish to be a vet as well but i did fancy having an animal sanctuary or something like that.


  5. Great to learn more about you! My Mum had a crash on the M1 almost 10 years ago, wrote off the car too but we were all fine luckily. A scary experience nonetheless. I also used to watch programs with subtitles, not so much now, but constantly when I was younger. Used to annoy the hell out of my Dad, and now my lil sis does it too!

  6. cat hotels have already been invented but they're wonderful places for a cat owner who wants to give that little extra for their kitty when they're away/

  7. Oh my what an interesting little post! Cant believe the accident ou were in, i was reading about one very similar the other day and the car was pushed for miles and the lorry driver had no idea! Scary!
    I also get very broody at times, my favourtie thing to knit is babby clothes! But there is no way i am ready to have them yet, im of the same opinion as you, youve got to be able to support yourself before even thinking about it, I also found it quite freaky that you want to call a baby girl poppy, as that is also my future baby gal name, if i have one that is! I also like daisy, kinda like the flower theme :) xxxx

  8. Aw, this is the best facts post ever! Ok, one secret thing about me: I play the independent thinking woman all the time, but I really really want to get married. Like, it's the only way I can really imagine my future. Embarrassing, right?

  9. Haha, I watch EVERYTHING with subtitles too. It's actually kind of tiring to try and work out what people are saying (I remembered being befuddled by Billy Elliot in the cinema, LOL) so I feel you on this!

  10. ah this is the best random facts post ever!! i get broody and i don't even have a boyfriend, do you ever get broody dreams? argh heaven for bid, in five to ten years please! i'd love to call my baby queenie but i don't think i'd ever find anyone to go for that!

  11. Haha- seeing that first pic just reminds me of me and my family (my bro, dad and myslef all have Elhers Danlos which is very similar to yours)

    So fun to freak people out with a creepy bend here and there!

  12. you have very nice advising point in Baby it's fact, i agree with you, Thanks for posting it!


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