True Romance

Happy love day, everyone! I hope you've had a nice time whether you're single or loved up?

Here's my day in food...

Pancakes for breakfast:

[I shamefully ate some leftover Dominos pizza from last night for lunch, while Alex was playing football with his mates. I don't think you need to see a picture of cold pizza!) Back to the romance...

Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner cooked by Alex, plus cheesy garlic bread made by moi (well, I added some mozarella to a Tesco garlic baguette! Watch your back, Delia!) It was delicious. Cherry Tango was our poison for the evening.

Here's my hunky Valentine, and his custom made and gorgeously cynical tote bag, made by our friend Sophie (Do check out her blog, too!). My Valentine's wish was for Alex to get rid of the beard, but as you can see, it fell on deaf ears!

I was dressing for comfort today, as I've had a very lazy day indeed. Excuse picture quality. I've been road-testing a new phone, the X6, kindly gifted to me by Nokia. The food pics came out fine but I was disappointed with the outfit picture quality. I think I need a bit more practice with the phone, it's still early days!

(Sweater - Blue Inc, Stripey top - H&M, Leggings - H&M, Shoes - Primark, Bow - Topshop)

Here's what I wore later on for dinner etc. The blazer is from the H! By Henry Holland Debenhams collection which is finally online (I've been waiting for this since the launch in November!) I went to the preview of the collection the other day, but more on that soon, am too excited about the chocolate cake we're about to eat, so I'm gonna wrap it up now!

(Striped dress worn as top - H&M, Shorts - Topshop, Tights - H&M, Belt - H&M Kids, Brogues - Lillywhites via charity shop)

It's been a nice day, pretty chilled really. Just good food and giggles, the story of my life!

Tell me what you guys got up to?!


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  2. Food looks yummy. Love your outfits. The jumper looks great. There is some really nice stuff in the Henry H Collection.

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  4. Food looks yummy. Sounds like you had a great day. Love the blazer and the tiger sweater!

  5. Hi i ♥ your blog
    Would you please follow me i have just started blogging but have been on here since October 2009


  6. Aww love this post :o)

    Sadly I had to work Valentine's Day (boo) but it wasn't too bad as I made my manager play Barry White for most of the day and laughed at people buying last minutes loveydovey albums. In the evening I got a box of awesome valetines/early birthday pressies and then we played Scattergories, ha.

    I wish I could wear shorts like that, I've have such a phobia of them. Plus your boyf's beard is AWESOME! :D

  7. I have given you an 'I LOVE YOU BLOG' award!!!


    ♥ xo ♥

  8. I love your blog, it's so uplifting and refreshing. :)

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