Hey y'all. I just wanna say thanks for the comments on my last couple of posts - and in general, actually! I love reading all of them. I've been known to read my comments at 5am when I can't get back to sleep. And 11pm when I can't get TO sleep! I really appreciate all of your opinions and thoughts so thanks! ♥ (god I really do overuse that html heart! But on this occasion I really mean it!)

So anyway, today's look was a bit of a cosy boredom fest. I bought the chunky scarf in h&m mens section a week ago and I have worn it to death already! I'm sitting in my pyjamas and wearing it now!

(Jeans - my new Jamie's from Topshop, Granny boots - second hand, shirt - secondhand)

I recreated my Tuesday LFW look because I didn't take any decent pics of it at the time. Well I hastily took this one in the train toilet, but to be honest I think you deserve better than that.

(My political tee - DIY, mesh body - Urban Outfitters, Necklace - Dusky Ledoux, Pleather jacket - Topshop, crazy wedges - eBay)

I hope you're all having a nice Friday night. I'm being a geek like most nights. But I will be venturing out tomorrow night to celebrate my boyfriend quitting his job at HMV to concentrate on song-writing professionally (writing songs to sell to other artists)! I'm super proud of him for quitting, and am SO looking forward to having him around the house more. It will mean having to end my slovenly ways of staying in my PJ's eating crumpets & reading blogs until 1pm on the days I'm not at uni. But I guess it's worth it...



  1. Oh man, I wish I saw that tee in person. You look fab. Everytime you wear those little boots I think of deer hooves. Sweet!

  2. Have fun with your boyfriend, having him round will be great.


  3. Ha-hah))) we love you ... and your blog.
    I really like your last look. Here are just a very brave when you put on such footwear. It is not for me))))

  4. I'm kind of in lust with your footwear choices.

  5. Have a good time!! love your t-shirt and your jacket!...looks great in you, love your haircut too!


  6. gosh that tee is brill! happy sunday hun

  7. wow! i love ur first pic ! u look awesomeeee!!
yudia aiiu


  8. Aw the tshirt-amazing! love it. Please tell me how you made it! I'm scared that if I'm bleaching my tshirt it will burn :(


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