My first fashion week!

When I arrived at Somerset House, I got a call from Michelle (Cheapskate Chic) saying she couldn't make it, so I had to face the day alone! To begin with, I had a wander round the designer exhibitions and I was severely taken by the Tata Naka exhibition. It was a kind of western-meets-tarzan affair with lots of fringing and leopard print but the highlight was the shoes, which literally blew me away. This collection was probably the most covetable thing I saw all day. Here's a few pictures I took, but I'm waiting on some hi-res pics from the Press team.

(Not sure if you can see, but below left is a leopard print jumpsuit with cut outs on the body! Mental!)

I had a look in the PPQ exhibition but it was a bit empty because most of the items were being used in the show later on. I was kind of disappointed with what I saw, because PPQ usually have a cheeky streak, but I didn't see any of that. I hoped the catwalk show would prove me wrong, but after watching the live stream of it, I remain disappointed.

The collection felt a lot more grown up than their previous ones (I yearn for the days of the clock prints and peterpan collars!) which I'm sure will appeal to some. But what I like in a collection is a GSOH (Ooh, acronyms, that reminds me to talk about Henry's show!) and some personality. I just didn't see enough of it this time round. But somewhere I saw it in droves was...

At the Louise Gray presentation! The ladies on the door were kind enough to let me in despite not being on the list, on the condition that I 'didn't spend too long' in there! Haha, it's okay ladies, I know my place! (After all, we're having our blogger statuses - or lack thereof - drilled into our heads every five minutes it seems!) The atmosphere in the room was great, with a real sense of fun. Designs were hung on stands where you could poke your head through and 'model' the items, a la 50's seasides! Models styled to perfection struck quirky poses and circulated the room. Louise Gray was there herself, looking amazing in her own designs & a Richard Nicoll for Topshop bra.

Design wise, the theme of this collection was textures. I saw patchwork, quilting, appliqued squiggles of material on trousers, holes punched in shorts... The all-round DIY-fest that I just love about Gray's designs. Oh, and the giant pink fur bodysuit! Ha! The collection was great fun, not as instantly covetable as last season, but I think that's because it was harder to get a true feel for the collection without it on models. Since getting home, I've seen the lookbook on Style.com, and it is just fabulous. The girly girl in me does wish there were more sandals and less sneakers, though!

I really must get ready for work now, but I will be back later to discuss the Unique, PPQ & Henry Holland Shows, my first catwalk show experience at Belle Sauvage, and my necklace from Dusky Ledoux which got a lot of attention!

Have you got any fashion week faves thus far?



  1. Well done you for blagging a sneaky peak at louise gray, the collection looks awesome! Can't wait for the Belle Sauvage report xxx

  2. I'm SO sorry T_T. I have no money until monday, I can't even take cash from credit card because I forgot my pin arrrgh.

    Will you still be there on Tuesday, I will make it up to you then! x x

  3. thanks for sharing your day with us :)

  4. Ahh you lucky lucky thing. Cut out leopard print-genius?! I believe we all have a Kat Slater inside that would love that!! Enjoy X

  5. Looks fantastic, you lucky thing. xx

  6. Michelle, don't be sorry! I know how stressful it is, I've done it twice in 6 months!
    Will be there Tues, can't wait to see you! xxx

  7. Looks really exciting. I am very jealous.

  8. awww looks like you had fun, and the louise gray collection is stunning :)




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