Team harem!

I crossed one of my moral boundaries today and bought a pair of harem trousers. Well, the label says they're harem's but I believe that they technically aren't, seeing as they have a crotch seam, instead of a saggy mass of material. So I'd like to believe I'm not a massive hypocrite, after months and months of harem-bashing... (The rear view is just icky!)

They were only about a tenner with my staff discount, so I thought they'd make a nice change to skinnies. And the pockets are great from sneaking sweets into work!

I tried them on with a cute longline bra today and I thought it was a pretty good look, but when your uni friends are rowdy heathens, I'd feel at risk all night if I wore this out! The same goes for anything with a zip front (personal experience talking, there!)... When your local night spot is somewhere as pants as Chatham, even the most demure people can turn to indecent exposure as a form of entertainment!

Tonight, Alex & I had pals over for Dominos pizza takeaway. My new harems-but-with-a-butt-seam were perfect for disguising the expansion that eating 3/4's of a large pizza can cause! I'm looking a bit weary in the pic as this was taken after said carb-overdose.

(bow, vest, trousers, boots - Topshop. God, I hate myself. Ooh, necklace is from Urban Outfitters! Thank God!)

I've got my mum coming to visit tomorrow, who I don't see very often, so I can't wait for that!

I've also got a little surprise up my sleeve for you lot soon... All will be revealed in the next few days!

Over 'n' out!



  1. Oh God. How do you make harems look normal? I bought a pair from Primark on a whim a while back, and almost cried when i tried them on.. It was hideous, nappy-wearing, oh-god-it-looks-like-i've-pooped-myself hysteria. Those ones though, are gorgeous! Especially with the longline bra! Beaut! I <3 dominos. xxx

  2. Haha, your description made me crack up!! Amen sister, they're hideous. I think mine are more like a tapered trouser with big pockets rather than harems! I could and would never attempt that dangling nappy void. The very though makes me vomit in my mouth a bit! Get yourself down to the Topshop sale!! :)
    Dominos 4eva. x

  3. To be honest, these pants I do not like .... ((((
    But your hair does not stop me crazy like))

  4. I kind of love harems, so goes without saying I approve of your attire.

  5. looks lovely, and i'm not a fan of harem trousers either, but i like yours. they're cute! also i bought one of those bra's from topshop the other week. it's black and silky, and was only £5! i'm in love with it :)

  6. beautiful top, in the first pic!



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