Lash love

Just a slightly mundane outfit post after a busy few days... with plenty more busy days to come. Our landlord is a shit and thinks it's cool to make people move out of their houses in January, forcing them to come back down to earth with a BIG bump after a delightful festive period. So we need to find a new place to live in the next couple of weeks!
Alex thinks we should just settle for something 'cheap and cheerful' (aka small with shit furniture), but I am doing my very best to ignore him. I've booked a viewing for a pretty swanky pad tomorrow. £825 a month, but what are student loans for?! Well clothes, I guess.

Here's this evening's outfit, which may well become tomorrow's outfit!

(jacket - Blue Inc, dress - h&m, clocklace - Topshop, boots - Topshop)

I've been wearing my lashes non stop recently. They are the best I've ever had, and the cheapest too! I get asked a lot about them by customers at work and on nights out and its always a pleasure to tell them they are less than a fiver! They are faring a lot better than my Nadine Girls Aloud lashes, which Roxy hunted down and ate when I foolishly left them on the coffee table! They are by Ardell, an American brand which can be found in larger boots stores and the model name is 'Demi Wispies' (?!). They're made of real hair apparently which, although freaky, lends them a lovely flutterability! Btw, this is not a promo post, I am genuinely just passionate about good lashes! Here they are:

My outfit posts always become lengthy drivel so I'll nip it in the bud now. Me and Alex are watching 500 days of Summer tonight and eating Jelly Tots. Rock n roll.

Hope you've all had a nice monday, commiseration's to the students that had to go back to school/uni today!


  1. Those lashes look great, will definitely be on the hunt for them now i'm in America!

  2. Пиджак супер....
    Мне очень нравится ваша прическа

  3. Wow, someone who looks fab and not trashy in fake lashes! AMAZING.


  4. Really cute outfit, love the boots!


  5. i am sooo going to buy these lashes, they look fab! and sounds like you've had a lot of wear from them, do you not wear eyeliner underneath? or do you peel off the old glue? or maybe they're just great quality! the nicola girls aloud lashes are very fluffy too, they're my favourites! but funny how this christmas i haven't even worn lashes! i think being skint means you conserve more!p.s. i love detailed posts! and 500 days of simmer annoyed me sooo much, but maybe because i'm not a fan of zoe doowhatever

  6. Yeah I do wear liquid eyeliner and just use the old 'peel off the old glue' method! I find it kinda satisfying! Is that wrong?
    Yeah 500 days of Summer was really annoying, agreed! Mainly due to my boyfriend's cliched ogling of Zizzle Dizzle, but also due to the fact she was totally unlikeable and just... quirky for the sake of being quirky if that makes sense? I hate films like that.

  7. Wowww the lashes are awesome. So the Girl's Aloud ones are no good? I was considering buying some

    It would be mine

  8. Those lashes look really nice. Are they easy to put on? I seem to be only able to put lashes on with success if they're massive tranny like lashes, I always struggle with more natural looking ones.

  9. pretty pretty eyes! Hope you had a lovely nye hunxx


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