Je suis une Twit.

So I finally sold out and got a Twitter account!
Feel free to follow me! www.twitter.com/gemfatale (EDIT: link now working!)
Do any of you have it? Comment this post with your twitter name thingy and I guess I'll follow you... Is that how this works? I don't really understand it!

In other news, I have officially moved into the new place. It's rather lovely. Haven't unpacked my clothes yet in a totally unsurprising act of procrastination. I'll definitely do it tomorrow... Or Sunday. Yeah. Definitely Sunday...

I'll post some pics on Sunday of the new place and maybe an outfit if I have unpacked some clothes by then! I will also be dedicating a large chunk of Sunday to catching up on all the blogs I've been missing out on whilst moving! Hmm that's quite a lot of Sunday stuff to do... Maybe I'll unpack on Monday. :)



  1. yes you have... twitter is amazing for procrastination. Mine is just Duskyledoux

    Congratulations on moving darl! Pictures sooooon pleaasseee!


  2. Congratulations on moving in, have a relaxing weekend and unpack only when you absolutely have to.


  3. mine's emilyGUTG. i'm following you :)

  4. I thought I would let you know (in case you missed the post) that I am approaching my 200th secret (yayy) and I am inviting people to make their own secrets to send to me so I can make a special post. If you want to get involved then just comment me back and we can figure something out :)



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