I went back to uni yesterday. Grim times. Listening to Go West certainly made my walk to the train station more fun. What wasn't fun was doing 2 hours of work on Photoshop only for it to crash and for my work to vanish into the abyss. Always save your work as you go along, cats.

Isn't inspiration a funny thing? Generally, a vest and jeans would probably be at the bottom of my outfit priority list. But after watching this hilariously 80's Go West video, suddenly a vest-jeans-boots-biker combo seemed like the perfect statement. It's funny how you suddenly see something in a new light, and an outfit gains a whole new meaning and desirability.

If you can handle ridiculously awkward male dancing (and vigorous hip action) observe my outfit inspiration du jour below! And enjoy one of the greatest choruses ever created!

In other news, I just won these babies for £4.99 on ebay!!

In other other news, me and Alex have found a lovely new flat to live in! We move a week today, so I probably need to get my head out of cyberspace, and start the gruelling task of packing!

Love love love!


  1. I love those shoes! and your outfit... and the video... and everything!! Good luck with the move chica! x

  2. hurrah for new flat!

    you look sensational.

  3. Love your e-bay win they are sssoooo nice!!!!! Good luck with the new flat xxx

  4. Love your outfit!! Your jacket is fabulous!! So jealous you work at Topshop! I'm a BIG topshop fan! xoxoxoxoxxo

  5. Cute outfit. Sometimes it's nice to take things back to basics isn't it! So happy for you that you've found a new flat :)

  6. Haha the go west vid is awesome! Your hair is so nice by the way. Love winning wee gems on ebay! Bidding makes me nervous though... But buy it now isnt as fun! :p xx

  7. Love the Go West inspired outfit. Goodluck with the move


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