Identity Crisis

The reason the blog looks a little different is because at some point, my brain decided midnight was the perfect time to start tinkering around with the blog layout.

I do have some plans to eventually make it look fabulous, but I think the polka dots and new lighter background will do for now! Can't believe I forced the gloominess of the old template on you for so long!

But srsly, how do you other bloggers make your blogs look decent? I know nothing about html except for this: ♥. That's it.
Do you just use templates or are you html wizardesses?

The houses I viewed today were okay... Clothing storage was dreadful so am hoping something else comes up very soon, or my wardrobe is doomed to a life of minimalism. Yikes!


♥. lolz.


  1. I have no idea how some blogs look totally incredible. My humble little blog is still in the early stages of decoration and looks a bit rubbish. Your new layout is very nice though :)


  2. I have a graphic designer and programmer!

  3. Ah, good luck with your re-make. I always try to customize mine from the basic blogger provided options. I search for html tutorials for the things I specifically want to do.

  4. Knowledge of html/php/css are very helpful. I work in IT so it's not something foreign to me :) Easiest thing to do is learn some basic html and css at least, get a template that you can start as a base and practice. All the best!

  5. Thanks y'all, I think I'm going to start with a cool header and then go from there...

  6. I like the lighter background, it's much easier to read.

    Start by searching "free blogger templates" on google! There's loads out there and some are really pretty.

    I know a little css and html. Enough to customise a template, that's how I did mine. I've moved bits around, made my logo and sidebars wider etc.

  7. headers are a good starting point. just keep it simple.

    i've started tinkering late at night too and its ended in disaster every time, ha ha!

    claire x

  8. Thanks for the tips girls xx
    Have never heard of this CSS malarkey, what a newb I am!

  9. I use the basic blogger templates. Infact for my Style Eyes blog I think I have the same one as you. I bought a photo from one of the photo sites which didn't cost much. For my new blog, I got an illustrator to do a picture which was a bit more pricey. You could try taking a picture yourself.

  10. I should really be working now but can't resit your new template!

    I use this a lot for basic html reference:


    It's really fucking nerdy but also reall useful.

    I'm also on Flickr Pro for 24 dollars per year as it enables better pictures. Hope this helps :) x

  11. I use the basic google template too...but mine is simple enough that I don't want to touch mine yet!

    Some bloggers have amazing layouts though but I am allergic to html and just cannot make myself go through it all. I remember the days of myspace!

  12. Yo Gem, HTML isn't too bad, surely you can find some blogger layout tutorials online somewhere? if not, give me a message and I can help :)

    Also, looking for houses is so boring! I am dreading looking for the same reasons as you - clothing storage! ha! If it gets that bad, you might have to resort to vacuum packing? or Carrie Bradshaw - using the oven as storage.
    And good to hear about Taylor, love her so much! x

  13. Miss Woo - Thanks for that link, what a great site!! Have seen a few things on there I might implement.

    Winnie - Haha, glad I'n not the only one with an html aversion. Myspace - how vintage!

    Peter - Thanks for offering to help a sista out! I've found a few cool sites now, so if I pull my finger out, I might be able to give the blog a little makeover! We found a flat today with quite a lot of storage and a loft so I think I can breathe a sigh of relief, as can my clothes!


  14. ha i cant even do that looks like ur knowledge is more than mine lol!!!!! im still working on getting a pic as my header xxxxx


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