Epic nails

I took some time off from my usual epic fail filled life (the flat I viewed was crap. 4 days to find a new house. Student loan is coming in a week later than I thought. I'm overdrawn. Stress has become my middle name. OMGZ. FML.) to create some epic nails this morning.

This 'look' came about free of charge. I stole the grey shade from my fave human, Hannah, and found the orange shade in Topshop (a customer left it near the till! Finders, keepers!) Up close, it is a pretty ad-hoc affair but from afar looks kinda fun!

You know that thing where you say or look at a word for so long that it loses all meaning? I got that taking these pics of my hands, because I couldn't seem to take a picture without my hand looking pudgy or wonky, so I kept taking pictures and after a while, I began to lose all sense of how a hand should look & felt like mine looked more and more mutant! It was bizarre!

Am viewing 2 houses tomorrow, wish me luck! I hope they have good storage or I shall be forced to face the dreaded wardrobe downsizing. *shudder*.



  1. Wow! Much better than my cack-handed attempt! Haha!

  2. I love your ring! Where is it from?
    Fab nails too, but my hands aren't steady enough to even attempt that look :D x

  3. Hahaha I like the mutant hand thing! The nails look marvellous!

    nicola xx

  4. They look great! Good luck with the flat hunting!

  5. LOVE the nails, I used to rock polkadots all the time when I was a bit younger, haven't the patience now!

    Good luck with the house viewing x

  6. Thanks for the comments, guys xxx

    ParisJeTaime16 - The ring was a gift from my boyfriend and I'm not sure where it was from I'm afraid! Topshop probably do something similar!


  7. That's awesome! I love when people do fun things with their nails. Also, my hair is just barely long enough to do the topknot! It needs all sorts of clips and stuff to hold the hair up but I'm hoping it will be long enough for the real thing in a few months. :)


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