Cat Power

Today's outfit was a feline double whammy. Both the tee and the shoes are eBay purchases bought with my Christmas money. Not really sure what's up with my expression!

No pics of the new abode yet because I want to wait until it's looking perfecto and not like a cardboard box convention.

(Jeans - ye olde Pippas from Topshop. Clocket - Urban Outfitters. Bow - Topshop.)

My hair has been annoying me lately. I dyed it Reddish last week but it looks really wishy washy, besides my roots, which went bright red. Not a good look. I'm thinking of re-dyeing it tomorrow. Help me pick a colour! I'm a hopeless Gemini when it comes to decision-making.

And that, ladies and gents (?) is my first poll!! Get involved!



  1. I vote darker brown, very chic, and if brown is your natural colour (even if lighter) it's a change, but not so much as to notice when you have roots growing through :)


  2. And I think that is very cool will look dark brown
    Maybe all blonde ?????)))))))

  3. I love the cat tee soooo much, the shoes and everything about this post ever. However, i would advise against mousy brown hair. That is my current hair state and it sends me into a spiral of depression every time i look in the mirror/take a picture/contemplate anything. My hairdresser is making me go back to blonde "slowly" so as not to destroy my hair.. But I'm thinking i might have to just do it in a one-sie and get a new hairdresser. Having said this, i think you could deffo pull off/look amazing with any of the above colours (even mousy brown)... but i personally would love to see some kind of massively bright red. I'm off to cry a little xx

  4. Claire - I like your thinking!

    Tanya - Been there, done that, looked a bit like Myra Hindley! :)

    Dusky - Haha that made me lol! I LOVE you with brown hair! You should totes just bleach it yourself. I bleached my hair from black once and it was fine. You just need to have the faith! And a scalp of steel. Haha. If I were you I would just set aside some time, get some pre-lightener stuff to take it as light as poss without bleach, and then get some Jerome Russell B Blonde stuff and whack it on. All hairdressers wanna do it 'step by step' so they can rinse you of money! My method costs a tenner :) Good luck, amigo! x

  5. i chose red but i'm totally biased. i just adore red hair!!!

  6. Ooh, this outfit is INSANITY! I love it! Crazy cat ladies are the best.

  7. Have vote dark brown, but I think purpley black also sounds good. I have left an award for you on my blog.

  8. that tee is a little scary but verrrrry awesome.

  9. it is the devil but this is not about

  10. Haha yes Tanya I know what you meant :)
    She's not my ideal style icon!

  11. love your hair as it is! but i also think a little more red would be equally awesome

  12. Triple heart your cat tee Gem everyone at head office loves it!!! :)

  13. that tshirt is immense. looks like a jigsaw puzzle my granny would do! brilliant


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