1 down, 8 to go

So I don't know if any of you noticed the immense drama unfolding on my Twitter, when Roxy didn't come home the other morning. And continued to not come home for 3 nights. We've just moved to a new 'hood and I was super worried she'd got lost or found her way on to the main road or something... I read up on google, and it turns out the best time to go looking for your lost cat is in the dead of night. So I set my alarm for 4am today, and off I went to search for my kitty. After 45 minutes, I was just about ready to give up hope, when I quickly tried an area slightly further down the road, and that's when I heard her frantic meowing. I looked over the fence at the back of this house, and it turns out she was stuck in this wooden shed-type thing in their garden (it was easy to get in a gap in the roof, but a bit too high up to get back out when she was inside)! The excitement of finally being found must've given her the strength to jump out of this gap, which she did, and then we had out emotional reunion and went home for food, in her case and for sleep, in my case! Phew!

In other, marginally less gripping news, I obeyed the poll and dyed my hair dark brown. I thought long and hard about going super bright red, but the lure of having the freedom to wear any shade of clothing or lipstick was too great.

Tonight, we went for a few drinks with some friends (yes, I am a tiny bit tipsy... and hiccuping my head off).

(jacket - Topshop, top - River Island, necklace - M&Co kids section, leggings - H&M, boots - Topshop, scarf - h&m, gloves - a gift from my pal Katie)

Me, Alex, Roxy and our friend William are now going to watch New York, I Love You. We watched Paris Je t'aime the other night, what an amazing film! Perfect for those with a short attention span like me, as each story is only about 5 minutes long!

I hope you're having a nice week thus far, and aren't freezing your butts off like me (I SWEAR it's colder than snow-gate at the moment?!)

Love xo


  1. my god how worrying!!! and you are so amazing for searching at that time, you are a live saver!!! tell that neighbour to fix their death trap fence!! ooh like the colour too and the hem of the top, which i thought was a dress!

  2. The hair looks brilliant :)


  3. I want to see New York, I Love You so bad, I've been waiting like a year! Is it finally out in England now? I loved Paris, Je T'Aime. My favourite was Gus Van Sant's segment.
    I love your new hair colour too!

  4. It IS colder than snowgate... defintiely...came in to work today and couldn't type for an hour because my hands were so cold...
    LOVE the brown hair but I get the feeling your complexion could take most colours?

  5. Oh ... how I love your hair !!!!!!!! Color simply super ....
    Good to have found a cat))))

  6. Ohhhhh I'm so glad that story had a happy end! And i love how Roxy made her way into your outfit photos too for supporting evidence! yay!
    Your hair looks amazing! And retrospectively think it was actually a better decision than bright red! Like you said, it can go with everything nicely!

  7. Thanks for your comments, gals xxx

    Selina - Yes I'm going to go and let the neighbour know what happened and tell them to block the gap in the shed!

    Susie - I've just heard we're heading for snowgate II, excellent! Thank you for the hair compliment (Btw, I flirted with fluoro orange hair a couple of years ago, not so complexion enhancing! Definitely chav-confusion enhancing, though!) x

    Dusky - I think your prayers helped the situation :) Glad you're feeling the brown. I feel a bit sensible. Will have to start acting more outrageous!


  8. Love the outfit and your hair!! I love the bold stripes, and I think it's super cute that you hiccup when you drink ;)

  9. I am ssooo glad you found your cat :) your hair looks wonderful darker!!!

  10. fabulous hair colour! your lucky you suit different colours! im thinking about going red xoxoxo

  11. Wow, dedicated search time! I love it. Your lashes are completely gorgeous too, wow wish mine were as long as yours! Loving the hair colour. So gorgeous.

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  13. Soooo glad you found Roxy. It's nervewracking when one's pet gets lost!

    Fab outfit there!

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  15. I love your necklace and your hair.
    and adore the blog


  16. Hair looks great. I'm so glad you found Roxy. I like the scarf.

  17. So glad you found your cat! I'd be freaking out if I had my pet missing for that long, too. And you're hair looks great!

  18. you have fabulous hair! and love the harem pants. :)

  19. Love the blog and your style :)
    Was just wondering if your LOL necklace is still available to buy? (or do you have a link for the website?)





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