Long overdue!

Hey y'all! Did you have a lovely Christmas?

Mine was awesome. It was just Alex, Roxy & I. We hung out with some friends in the evening and had a lovely time. The Christmas feast was a triumph too! Due to some uncharacteristic organisation on my part!

Alex bought me a .co.uk for Christmas! So my blog can now be found at www.gemfatale.co.uk!!! I was so chuffed! He also got me a cute nightie from Topshop, a huge bottle of Vera Wang Rock Princess, A box of Ferrero Rocher, A diary with cats on from Paperchase (possibly my favourite shop ever), and a Tote bag with cats on that he commissioned our illustrator friend to make! Check her out!

Here's a couple of pics from xmas day!

Me following my shoddy schedule (written on an envelope. What a domestic goddess!)

Roxy & I post-feast:

Alex & I in the 'hilarious' headgear my mother gave us to wear! Haha.

I started my new years resolution to lose my festive flubber a little early, on boxing day. This picture depicts the ongoing tension in my life between a desire to shed a few pounds, and an addiction to snacks. On the slimming subject, I did 30 minutes of Wii Fit yesterday and am practically paralysed today! Awful! I'm pretty sure I heard my muscles screaming earlier when I had to do a spot of light lifting at work!

On Boxing Day night I went to stay with mum and sis for a few days in Bexhill, home to the greatest Charity shops on earth, where I found the following knitwear gems!

Long navy cardi:

I bought the 'LOL' necklace in M&Co kids section for £3. I declared it the 'greatest piece of jewellery ever made' to my sister at the tillpoint, to which the sales assistant remarked, 'God, you're sad'. Charming! She obvious lives a lol-less life.

Awesome coral Cardigan!

Shorts - Topshop, Top - h&m.

So that's the dillio in my life. So sorry for the wall of silence! Hope you all have a radical New Year's eve. Mine will be spent at a friend's house with DVD's, snacks (oops), Rum and LOLZ.

Be safe. xoxoxoxo


Have been to stay with my family for a few days, who neglected to tell me that the internetz were broken! Sorry for this hideous abandonment. Going to cinema tonight (to see Nowhere Boy!) and will be looking forward to hopping back aboard the blog boat tomorrow!

Hope you all had the most delicious Christmas! xxx


#Oh I wish it could be Christmas never agaaaaiin!

That's what 9 days in a row at Topshop will do to a girl!

I'm only kidding, I've just got in from my last shift until Tuesday and am looking soooo forward to my first Christmas with Alex. Sorry for being a bit quiet on here, but my outfits have been pretty questionable and I've just had no time to myself to ponder fashion issues or whatever I usually blab on about, or even read other blogs!

We're having friends round tonight to watch Home Alone 1 or 2 (I'm gunning for 2, it's blatantly the best one!) and then I'll be in charge of our Christmas dinner tomorrow (eek!). I'm about to charge up the camera so there'll definitely a bombardment of pics of what could end up being a disastrous day!

Bear with me during this blog dry spell! It'll be over very soon!


Hope you get everything you asked Santa (I just genuinely typo'd 'Satan'!) for and enjoy lots of good food! I can't wait for Cauliflower Cheese and Roast Potatoes! Providing I don't burn them!


Snow last season!

Erm, is anyone else in the UK freezing their butts off?! I couldn't sleep last night because my nose was so cold! I was annoying Alex by clinging onto him like a baby monkey and stealing all his body warmth!

If I'm a little quiet on the blog for a little while, its because Topshop have got me working all day, every day until christmas now so every spare moment will be spent buying presents and organising mine, Alex & Roxy's christmas feast! (I wonder if cats like Turkey... I'll let you know!)

Will do my best to keep blogging through the stress! It can be my outlet! :)

Hope you guys are coping better with Christmas prep than I am?

I always think, 'Next year, I'll be the perfectly organised Christmas goddess'. And true to form, this year is the exact opposite!

And just so its not a pictureless post, I present you with one of the finest images my bored Google Image searches at uni have ever yielded:

Yes, I searched 'fat cat'.

Peace. x


If I was a rich girl...

Firstly, in reference to my last post, my 'santa, please turn me into one of these girls' comment was meant in jest and in reference to the overall cool aura the ladies posess and was not weight-related. I am very comfortable with my 'curves' and would never aspire to be stick-thin. I have a bit of a weird sense of humour, which I suppose can sometimes get a bit lost in translation on the blog and come across as intense self-loathing! So thanks for your sweet comments and sorry if I came across like a depressed dweeb! I just do it for the lolz. Carbs are my religion, and that will never change!

So anyways, I procrastinated my evening away on Polyvore compiling this little visual wishlist. The task was made a lot harder by the fact Roxy was asleep on my lap and across my arm like so:

Gem's wishlist!

I love the Opening Ceremony leopard cardi with a passion. Motel do a similar one but it's just not the same.

What's top of your Christmas list this year?

Despite my wishlist, my ACTUAL list is tiny, I feel like I have everything I need, really. I'm looking forward to some new perfume and a nice cosy dressing gown. Money's a bonus, obviously. I'm not that selfless!


PS - the work party was great, in all its awkward glory!


J'aime Jalouse quite a lot

The only thing preventing me from granting the french mag with 'J'adore' status is the fact I can only understand 20% of the thing, with the aid of my dusty old C grade in GCSE French.

So, part of our new uni project is to conduct a still life shoot, and I remember from the few issues I own that Jalouse do some amazing still life shoots. So whilst doing a bit of research on their website, I made a great discovery! This is probably, like, totally the oldest news everrr to some of you guys but it was definitely news to me that you can view (and read, in some lucky people's cases!) the entire archive online!

The site has sucked up a lot of my free time in the few days I've known about it! I thought I'd share some of the pictures I love from their recent issues. (Sorry for some of the little boxes to the side of the pics, they were the previews of the next pages.)


Alexa being amazing (enlarge to feel the full effect of pure envy):

Alice Dellal's pal Laura Fraser (I am totes digging out my old Geri Halliwell dress from the loft when I go home at Christmas!)

Some other stunning little creatures:

Dear Santa. This year, can you turn me into any one of these girls? I'm not picky. Thxbi ♥

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. It's my work Christmas do tomorrow, which should provide me with enough socially awkward situations to last a lifetime. Eg. Disco. Eg. Buffet. Hopefully my Christopher Kane for TS dress will help me get through it! I'll probably take my camera and get some pics of my stylish Topshop colleagues which might make for some easy Sunday morning blogging!





Sorry for the absence! I've been a little busy with uni and the general stresses of planning christmas when your bank balance is -3 quid! Me and Alex are having our first christmas day together this year, without family (partly due to work/public transport constraints), so I'm really hoping I find some money somewhere (Hi mum, if you're reading this, love ya!!!!) so christmas is all lovely and not half-assed. Looking forward to decorating our flat soon, so will post pics once that's done! Am thinking of DIY-ing some decorations. Umm, this was supposed to be a picture-post not a yawnsville life post, I apologise!!

SOOO, 'When the sun goes down, play dress up!' was the title of the editorial I devised/organised/styled/edited as part of my 2nd year Fashion Promo degree. The concept I came up with was a 'fashionable night in' with lots of fun styling, playing dress up (and maybe a not so subtle nod to fashion blog inspiration somewhere in there!) It was intended for Nylon magazine (theoretically, obvz), and I shot in my lounge, creating a bedroom set which was hard work but fun!!

Look out for Roxy's appearances!



And here are the final pics!

The leopard fur hat look was my favourite outfit. It hurt to take all these clothes back!

Off for a long day at Topshop now. Hope you have a nice Wednesday xoxox


Fail Friday.

I just spent about 45 minutes tinkering about on Polyvore and accidentally closed the window somehow. VERY annoying.

I always have bad Polyvore luck. I usually hit the backspace key to delete something and it goes back a page, and i lose everything.

So, I DID intend to post my christmas wishlist, but am now in a slight rage which can only be quelled by Tesco 25p Tortillas and television, so I will have to get off this machine.

This has been the latest in a serious of fails today, mostly money related. Little tip for you students, make sure you pay money into your Natwest student overdraft every month otherwise they will ask you to pay £600 upfront right before christmas! Luckily, through my powers of persuasion and sparkling wit, I charmed them into making it 'only' £300. Go me..!

On a happier note, Dorothy Perkins contacted me a while back to contribute to their new Style Society blog, and the post I wrote went live today, so please check it out if you wanna hear about my not so rock 'n' roll nightlife antics!

Hope y'all are having a fail-free Friday ♥


Carpé DM's

I want to seize almost the entire 'new arrivals' section of the Dr Martens website. I must've done something pretty bad in a past life to come back as poverty-stricken AND a shopping addict. That's a cruel and constantly frustrating combination!

Suede & furry:

The perfect brogues?

And these wingtip wonders:

Drool!! Which are your favourite? I love the black furry ones.