Hallow there!

Hapy Halloween!

Oh, how I wish I wasn't too old for trick or treating! And oh, how I also wish I was in America for Halloween... It's such a bigger deal over there!

I'll be spending it down the pub with some friends and my beau, who is adamant that he doesn't 'do' halloween! Spoilsport. I think he deserves a trick instead of a treat! I did have a controversial but clever outfit planned (size zero model - complete with long wig, sunken zombie face, skeleton bones stuck on over a chic outfit, and a tape measure as a belt!) but I started to make the outfit this morning and decided it just looked a bit crap, as things tend to when you leave them til the last minute!

So I figured it was best to keep it simple, and go the obvious route...

Tell me about your Halloween plans! I hope you'll be making more of an effort than me?



Giles Deacon pop-up shop live, HERE, soon!

If the title makes no sense to you, you must click HERE and find out how you can get a free Giles Deacon for Cadbury's scarf very soon...!

Make sure you add the Cadbury's Caramel Bunny on Facebook so you can see live updates on which shops have gone live (the pop-up shop will be bunny-hopping from site to site, so you need to be quick!) Mine is one of only 10 blogs chosen to host the pop-up shop so I'm mega excited!!

Let's all have another little look at what could be yours!

Good Luck guys!!



Opposites attract me

I've always had a thing for wearing outfits made up of totally opposing garments. Today it was the £1 Adidas vest I found in a charity shop the other day and a faux fur jacket from H&M. The jacket definitely saved me from looking like a scruffy emo as I so often tend to. I still look a little rough round the edges as these pics were after a long day at Topshop! Sorry for the blah mememe post. Alex is pressurising me to hurry up so we can watch True Blood (♥). If Twilight failed to lure me onto the 'Vampyrz R sooooo Seckxsi' bandwagon (I thought it was utter crud), True Blood has totally succeeded. I kinda hate myself for selling out!



Ear ear!

♥ BTW, congratulations to Laura from A Daisy Chain Dream for winning my Liberty bag competition!! Thanks for all your entries, I thoroughly enjoyed them, and will have another comp coming up soon! xxx ♥

I've been working on this Styling project for uni recently, so have been procuring all manner of strange items and garments that I might need for the shoot in order to create the kind of editorial that I would go all googly eyed over. My concept is basically a fly on the wall of the fashionable girls night in. There'll be lots of playing dress up in weird and wonderful outfits, and I can't wait to actually shoot it and see the end result - and show y'all of course!
A few of the bits I've picked up over the last couple of days are cat ears, leopard ears (I pretty much want to wear them every day - forever) and a cute school blazer I found in a charity shop for £1.50.

We're basically twins!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend & have put your extra hour to good use (aka getting a nice lie in!)



Festive Fifi!

It seems the blog has become awash with bunny related stories of late, and today is no exception!

The wonderful Fifi Lapin is currently starring in a set of Christmas cards for Topshop! She is wearing outfits from their Christmas collection in each of them. So cute! And it's all for charidee. Sorry it's such a tiny picture, I can't find any bigger ones!

Looking at this has made me feel all excited for Christmas!



"You are Lola Lennox, aren't you??"

Also, in a strange twist of fate (and maybe blagging my way in as a 'sex blogger') after Giles' party, we found ourselves very briefly a few miles out of my comfort zone at Durex's 80th birthday party! We got goodie bags filled with every Durex product you could imagine, it was so funny! I shan't dwell on the innards of the goodie bags as I like to at least pretend to have a touch of class!
Oh also, I got 'papped', which was very exciting! Until I realised the paparazzi were not, in fact, readers of my blog, but actually had mistaken me for Annie Lennox's daughter, Lola! Haha!

(Cardi - Topshop, Corset - Charity Shop, Boots - Emma Cook for Topshop)

What a funny night!



Hot chocolate gossip!!

♥ BTW - last chance to enter my competition (scroll down, can't be bothered to link it! I wanna get on with my gossip! Bugger, I could've linked it already by now... I'll shut up. Competition ends tomorrow at 8pm!! ♥

So I'm ready to spill the cocoa beans! I'm so excited!! I'm sure you've all heard about the collaboration between top British style icons, Giles Deacon and the Cadbury's Caramel bunny? He designed her a lovely new dress.... but he also designed something for us.

Giles has designed a limited number of scarves to celebrate Cadbury's new chocolate sensation (which I can now verify - they are cruelly moreish), Caramel Nibbles. The scarves will be being given away in Nibbles Boutique, the world's first online pop-up shop! And guess where that will be... Yep, right here!
The shop will go live for a short time at some point on October 30th (I'll be able to verify exactly when a bit nearer the time), so instead of coming to my blog and finding silly videos of cats in hats, you will find yourself in a virtual queue to claim your free scarf (marginally more exciting, I'm sure you'll agree)! You'll actually interact in real time (via live streaming) with real pop-up shop assistants and you'll see your scarf being packed and addressed to you! How spesh is that?

Don't panic if you miss the boat, there'll be some other sites hosting the pop-up shops throughout the day, so the best thing to do is sign up to The Caramel Bunny's facebook page (www.facebook.com/caramelbunny), whose status will change each time one shop shuts and another opens, so you can be first in the queue.

Ahhh, it feels good to let it out, I'm crap at keeping secrets!

I went to the Cadbury's Nibbles launch last night with my friend Hannah and had a fab time, even though we didn't stay long. I also got to see one of my fave bloggers, Miss Woo who looked fabulous. I also saw Emily from My Fashion Life which was lovely!
I also got to meet Giles himself, when he wasn't 'spinning choons on the decks', as they may well say on the street (do they? I wouldn't know!) briefly who was just lovely and so charming. Shame I am pulling the most goon-like expression I could muster! C'est ma vie...

Such fun!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you're having a nice week thus far!



Happy 2nd Blogday to meeee!

What better way to thank you guys for reading than to inflict you with a ridiculous video blog!

I'm supposed to be getting through my mountains of uni work, but figured making a video would be more fun.

Excuse my hobo attire, it's FREEZING in my flat!



A sweet treat from Giles

(By the way, thanks for all of the further competition entries, loving them! If you haven't entered yet, scroll down! Ends Thursday! ♥)

I am loving the new collaboration between Giles Deacon & the Cadbury's Bunny! What a cute idea! The bunny (rated the 3rd sexiest cartoon character, apparently... But that may change now!), who was previously nakey except for her pussybow neck tie, now has a gorge polka dot prom dress to protect her modesty, created exclusively for her by Giles to celebrate the new Cadbury's Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles collection. Apparently they taste amazing, btw, but I'm yet to find any for sale in my 'hood! Pretty annoying. In fact, I'm hopping mad about it..! Get it...?!


I actually have some rather juicy Giles x Cadbury related goss for you that you won't want to miss so watch this space...

In the mean time, join me in the rather peculiar experience of envying the physique (and attire, obvz) of a cartoon small mammal.



I just called to say...

Thank you for your fabulous & amusing competition entries! There's still 5 days to enter so keep 'em coming! ♥

FYI, 3 things in my handbag are, My lovely new iPod nano (it has a video camera and a pedometer. Omgz.), A few packets of Cadbury's Clusters I bought from the pound shop earlier (4 for 99p - bargain!)... they are amazing. And finally Love magazine, as I had to take it to uni today as part of my styling project (we have to devise and style a shoot that is relevant to a particular publication - I chose Love.) I'm hoping I won't have now have one very muscular shoulder after hauling that around all day!

This styling project has been keeping me very busy (the end result I will be showing on here when it's complete in about 4 weeks!) and I've also been quite unwell with bad headaches for the past couple of days so I'm sorry it's been a bit quiet here. I'm giving myself a night off from uni work tonight in a bid to make myself feel better. It's going well so far, I've had a snooze on the sofa and cooked some Super Noodles. Next on my exciting Friday night to do list is watching Without a Trace with my special guy.

Hope you've had a fun Friday xo


Competition time!!!

Did you know this blog is almost 2 years old (on the 17th October to be precise)? Well, VoucherCodes.co.uk are approaching their first birthday and you guys are about to benefit from a joint birthday treat! It's the first competition I've ever held and I'm super excited!

For those who didn't know, VoucherCodes.co.uk picks out the very latest online voucher codes, restaurant vouchers, days out vouchers and sales for all the leading online stores - to help you save your cash. Pretty helpful if you're a skint student like myself! Or one of these recessionista-bargainista-frugal-fashionista types. Some of their great fashion offers include a 15% off Motel Clothing discount code, a Marks and Spencer Promotional Code, some New Look Discount Codes and a Karen Millen Promotional Code. There's also a 15% off Benefit Cosmetics discount code which I plan to thoroughly abuse!

So anyway, back to you guys. Up for grabs is a gorgeous Liberty Lost Property eco bag, designed by Katy Bell, worth £50. These bags are made from recycled coffee sacks and Liberty fabric and are also reversible (2 for the price of one. And that price is zero! So, if we're being honest here, it's 2 bags for free!) Due to being made from totally recycled fabrics, the bags are one of a kind. This means there's a bit of mystery as to what yours will look like but it will be very similar to the bag below. Cute as heck, no?

To win, indulge my Geminian nosey side and leave me a comment telling me 3 things that are in your handbag. A winner will be chosen at random after the competition closes on Thursday 22nd October. Don't forget to leave your email address if it isn't on your Blogger profile!

The competition is only available to UK readers due to laws 'n' stuff. Full T's & C's available here.



My fuzzy new friend!

Here's my new black & silver fuzzy cardigan from Topshop. I've been wearing it rather a lot lately as it's perfect for this iffy time of year when it's sunny but freezing! It's a strange texture... kinda ridiculously soft lurex fur-like woolly stuff. Wow, I ought to get a job on QVC with describing skillz like that!
I thought there was only room for one black & silver fuzzy friend in my life (I'm of course referring to little Roxy!), but I was wrong! There's been no rivalry just yet, but I'm keeping an eye on the situation.

(Tee - DIY, Leggings - Topshop)

(Dress - H&M, Studded belt - H&M kids, Mouse - Canterbury Pets)



It's cool to procrastinate.

I got up at 9am today with high hopes of doing work on my styling project for Uni and some housework.

It is now 1.15pm and what I have actually achieved is watching the finale of Running in Heels, reading blogs and copying a Luella SS/10 look.

If only there was a degree in fashion-related procrastination... Maybe I should start one?

Grey, polka dots, hair bow & black eyes @ Luella SS/10...

Grey, polka dots, hair bow & black eyes @ my house 13.22pm

(Corset from Topshop)

I actually really like this makeup. Because everything else is nude except the eyelids, the result is somehow cute rather than gothy. Hannah Murray, the make-up artist who created the look described it as "manga meets Princess Margaret"! Amen to that.

By the way, sorry about the cruddy Photo Booth pictures, my camera is being a complete loser at the moment. Hopefully it will be back in action soon.



What's new? Pussycats!

[Welcome to my 200th post! Yay!]

Nautical and cats??? Clements Ribeiro... Will you marry me?

(Discovered on LFW Daily's Blog!)



My diffusion conclusion...

Marc by Marc Jacobs and Moschino Cheap & Chic just chucked some flipping cute looks in my direction.

I never realised how empty my life was without a swan onesie and high waisted striped skinnies until now.

Moschino C&C:

Marc by Marc Jacobs