Sorry for the sporadicity (word?) of my posting! It was my birthday on Wednesday and I've been busy doing fun things and also working loads at Topshop now I've finished uni.
I spent my birthday with my boyfy in London. We went to Westfield to see the opening of the Living and Giving charity shop. We saw Holly Willoughby and her new baby in there! But sadly, no good clothes. Even though it was the first day of its opening, I think we were a bit late in the day for the good stuff. I was handed a free bottle of Sip ('complexion enhancing' super drink) on entry which was very snazzy! I cannot report on the effect it had on my complexion as I gave it to a homeless man on the tube because I felt really sorry for him! So if you see a homeless yet glowing man around central london, you'll know why. I'm not entirely sure that's a very tasteful joke!
We also went to the Secret Sample Sale in Shoreditch (say that 3 times fast!) but I didn't manage to find anything. Well, I found a nautical crop top for £8 but that was in a vintagey section, not designer.
I got a super cute crop top in New Look, available online here which I wore to work yesterday and enjoyed very much! Outfit pics soon to come. The boyf has used up my camera batteries by using them in his electric shaver which he used to shave off his beard as one of my 'birthday gifts' because I've been boycotting his beard for a while! Whilst I have been enjoying his new youthful appearance, it is a double-edged sword as I am now devoid of pictures until I get new batteries!
In other news, we went to see a new flat on Friday because we have to move out in July and we loved it. I have a whole spare room at my disposal to fill with clothing and piles of magazines! Hooray! And a dishwasher - drool!! (Anyone living out of home will understand the satisfaction a dishwasher brings). Sadly my cat won't have a garden anymore which I'm quite upset about but I'm just gonna get her scratch posts and play with her loads. I've been trying to train her lately to do this:

That video makes me l-o-l more and more each time I watch it! I shall keep you informed in the unlikely instance that me and Roxy make progress on this little project.

Have a nice Sunday night! xo