My weekend in outfits

So, on saturday, I went into town to buy some mags with my precious few pennies I have left until this Friday. I bought Nylon, Dazed, and i-D. £12 later, whilst reading them, I couldn't help but feel cheated. I think I'm in a magazine rut. I always furiously flick through my new mags, hoping something will catch my attention and make the dollars worthwhile. But Dazed and i-D rarely seem to. Nylon is one of my favourites but the sickly sweetness sometimes gets to me a bit. Why do all these magazines praise everything? Is there a Fashion magazine out there that will say when they think something is a bit shit? I really want to find one! Or even start one, someday... I'm not saying I want to spend money to read a magazine that sends me into a pessimistic-comment-induced depression, but something that is truly honest, not kissing up to designers or brands and not sounding like a neverending sales pitch. Like Vice, but with pretty pictures, perhaps? Recommendations appreciated!

Anyhow, I took a slightly creepy outfit pic. Maybe my head is spinning from the prior magazine sugar rush?

Top (DIY-ed) - Stella McCartney @ Tkmaxx
Belt - Vintage
Jeans - Gap
Flats - Vintage Russell & Bromley

That night, I went to a Pirate fancy dress party. I hadn't prepared a costume or anything but luckily I seem to own fairly piratey clothes.

Waiscoat - h&m
Scarf - from a pal
Top - Topshop
Shorts - Asda
Belt - h&m
Tights - who knows? I found it incredibly hard to deliberately ladder them though, making me wonder how I manage to ladder every pair of tights I own. I actually resorted to scissors in the end!
Boots - Vintage

On Sunday, I had work.

Coral t-shirt dress - Topshop
Blazer - M&S via charity shop
Bag - Vintage
Pin - Snooper's Paradise in brighton
Leggings - New Look (don't buy leggings from New Look, they cause immense crotch-sag)

I also did all my mannequins for Topshop (as part of a training scheme to get me to 'standard level' as opposed to 'training level' where I currently reside). The task was to dress 3 to represent each trend (Memphis - boho, Miami Vice - 80's ish and Buccaneer - tailored and nautical but feminine), so I did those and 2 extra mixy matchy ones (the 2 on the right) which were to my personal taste.

This task further proved to me that I cannot 'do' boho in any way shape or form (first mannequin on the left). She just doesn't look right to me. But nevermind! I have completed the task so that's all that matters!

Watching pre-recorded Come Dine With Me with the boyf, now! Can't wait! I want to be on that show.



This is a first.

Today is the first time this year I am planning to unleash my bare legs 'pon Canterbury. Which means the weather is getting warmer and therefore summer is creeping up on us! I can't wait. My place of work, Topshop is also hammering home this fact, with these delectably summery offerings:

I need the eiffel cropped top in my life! Despite the obvious cheese-belly-on-show issues it will bring. And the ensuing burning eyeballs of onlookers. I don't need a court case on my hands at the moment, so I suppose it's just as well I am broke as anything!
Also, I am still not sure about the harem pants that are rife on the shop floor at the moment. I haven't seen them look good once yet. Well at least not from the back! Am I looking in the wrong place? Have I missed a truly inspirational Facehunter image?
Am off to work now, I have to dress some mannequins as part of a training task, so I shall bring home some photographic proof providing I don't make them look tragic.



Out on the town.

Despite being in the depths of poverty and thus despair (I have £17 to last me 18 days!) I've been persuaded to go out with my pals tonight as its our last night out together for a couple of weeks. We're going to a charming little dive in Chatham, where the drinks are buy one get TWO free! So I've been promised everyone's free drinks so i can hopefully get drunk and not dip into my precious £17.
Here is what I plan to wear. I look really dreadful today facially so I just decided to take a pic of the garments. There may be some live action shots on facebook by tomorrow, though! So I shall post if there's any decent ones.

Dress - vintage
Belt - Vintage
Shoes - New Look (£3!)
Jacket - Topshop from about 7 years ago
Badge - Luella! ♥

I got the badge when I had to go to the Luella shop in London for a uni project and just take notes on the interior and stuff. The staff were so lovely even though they knew I didn't have a bean to spend in there! I had to go round a few shops in london and also try and get packaging samples so i thought i'd try my luck in luella and they gave me Luella printed postcards, tissue paper and stickers! But the best part was when I saw a tub of badges for £5 each. I snapped one up right away! Luella is my fave, and I thought it was really cool and clever how she knows she is popular with girls my age, the student type, so by doing badges everyone can have a piece of the Luella pie, even if we can't afford the clothing just yet.

Am in a hurry to go out now so have a lovely easter if I don't post before then. And don't forget the true message of easter.. don't eat your chocolate too fast. It will only end badly. And lethargically.