Back from the dead!

Ahhh it feels nice to blog again!
Although I might quickly mention I'm kinda disappointed there was no Agathe Stylebytes style manhunt for me..!
So here's my absence note.
I basically just got really snowed under with juggling uni, work and a social life and also went through quite a phase of looking really bland. Totally un-blogworthy oufits. I'd rather not blog than bore you with sights of me in jeans and t-shirts!
Forgive me. I do not have commitment issues, far from it! I just had a little blip. But I'm back!
The past 5 months have been busy busy, I've been doing pretty well at uni and having lots of fun. And watching season 2 of Flight of the Conchords (♥). And being ill sometimes. But far more importantly, I bought some Doc Marten's (see below) and they are great! I made my feet bleed whilst breaking them in but god is it worth it!
I also took my Francophilia to a new level and got my first tattoo!

It is a process I do not recommend. It hurt like hell and the only way to slightly reduce the pain was by squeezing my boyfriends hand and also munching Skittles in a really vigorous manner. It looked ridiculous but it helped!
I have essays to write tonight so will leave you with my 2 outfits I wore this weekend.

Blazer - Charity shop
Dress - Topshop
Belt - Charity shop
Flats - Primark

Dress - Vintage
Doc Marten's - Ebay

Hope you've had a lovely weekend, y'all. Back soon!
Over 'n' Out!