Snow last season!

Erm, is anyone else in the UK freezing their butts off?! I couldn't sleep last night because my nose was so cold! I was annoying Alex by clinging onto him like a baby monkey and stealing all his body warmth!

If I'm a little quiet on the blog for a little while, its because Topshop have got me working all day, every day until christmas now so every spare moment will be spent buying presents and organising mine, Alex & Roxy's christmas feast! (I wonder if cats like Turkey... I'll let you know!)

Will do my best to keep blogging through the stress! It can be my outlet! :)

Hope you guys are coping better with Christmas prep than I am?

I always think, 'Next year, I'll be the perfectly organised Christmas goddess'. And true to form, this year is the exact opposite!

And just so its not a pictureless post, I present you with one of the finest images my bored Google Image searches at uni have ever yielded:

Yes, I searched 'fat cat'.

Peace. x


  1. I bet that kitty doesn't get cold when winter approaches!

  2. I swear it has never been this cold before.

  3. Cats do indeed like turkey (or at least, my snoring hot water bottle does!)

    I cant get over how bloody cold it is. hate it.

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  5. That cat is made of so much awesome. Hope you're having a lovely Christmas!



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