Sorry for the absence! I've been a little busy with uni and the general stresses of planning christmas when your bank balance is -3 quid! Me and Alex are having our first christmas day together this year, without family (partly due to work/public transport constraints), so I'm really hoping I find some money somewhere (Hi mum, if you're reading this, love ya!!!!) so christmas is all lovely and not half-assed. Looking forward to decorating our flat soon, so will post pics once that's done! Am thinking of DIY-ing some decorations. Umm, this was supposed to be a picture-post not a yawnsville life post, I apologise!!

SOOO, 'When the sun goes down, play dress up!' was the title of the editorial I devised/organised/styled/edited as part of my 2nd year Fashion Promo degree. The concept I came up with was a 'fashionable night in' with lots of fun styling, playing dress up (and maybe a not so subtle nod to fashion blog inspiration somewhere in there!) It was intended for Nylon magazine (theoretically, obvz), and I shot in my lounge, creating a bedroom set which was hard work but fun!!

Look out for Roxy's appearances!



And here are the final pics!

The leopard fur hat look was my favourite outfit. It hurt to take all these clothes back!

Off for a long day at Topshop now. Hope you have a nice Wednesday xoxox


  1. Such a unique idea for a photoshoot!

  2. I feel your "no money" pains! If it helps I have "Christmas Sticks"! as there was no money for a tree.

    There's piccies on my blog!

    I ;love your photo shoot concept. It's great.

  3. i love you're shoot :) very good!

  4. your blog is amazing! such beautiful photos...
    if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep up the great work!

  5. Great girl bonding, I love the outfits you tried on. You look very sexy.

  6. Love your shoot!! My FAV is the brick walls! TRES Retro GEM :)

  7. Amazing photoshoot! Well done, it looks bloody fantastic!

  8. Such a cool shoot! Your flat looks amazing!! (check out my blog post on 'homemade Christmas ideas'!!)

  9. Breathless poster on your wall. I ADORE that film. You are amazing haha!


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