If I was a rich girl...

Firstly, in reference to my last post, my 'santa, please turn me into one of these girls' comment was meant in jest and in reference to the overall cool aura the ladies posess and was not weight-related. I am very comfortable with my 'curves' and would never aspire to be stick-thin. I have a bit of a weird sense of humour, which I suppose can sometimes get a bit lost in translation on the blog and come across as intense self-loathing! So thanks for your sweet comments and sorry if I came across like a depressed dweeb! I just do it for the lolz. Carbs are my religion, and that will never change!

So anyways, I procrastinated my evening away on Polyvore compiling this little visual wishlist. The task was made a lot harder by the fact Roxy was asleep on my lap and across my arm like so:

Gem's wishlist!

I love the Opening Ceremony leopard cardi with a passion. Motel do a similar one but it's just not the same.

What's top of your Christmas list this year?

Despite my wishlist, my ACTUAL list is tiny, I feel like I have everything I need, really. I'm looking forward to some new perfume and a nice cosy dressing gown. Money's a bonus, obviously. I'm not that selfless!


PS - the work party was great, in all its awkward glory!


  1. Ahh, I love making wishlists! My actual list is quite small too. The only thing I really asked for was crazy tights and slippers, haha!

  2. Great picks ;) It has nothing to do with fashion, but what i really want is the new Beatles Rock Band!!!

    ps carbs are life!

  3. Amazing wish list!

    *wanders off to make some toast*

  4. I love that leopard cardi! I don;t really have a xmas list either and its my birthday on sunday too, i'm stuck for gift ideas! x

  5. I might make that 'who the f-k is chanel?!' t-shirt: I love it! I saw your name on the guest list for the swishing party but couldn't see you in there, I was gutted! Maybe some other time?


  6. Great wishlist :) Especially the 'who the fuck is chanel!' shirt ^_^ And I love your sense of humour, I don't think it gets lost in translation on your blog. Glad you enjoyed the work party :)

    sinta http://www.knittering.com

  7. haha, my cat does exactly the same thing as Roxy!

    and that OC leopard print cardigan is ridiculously overpriced and ridiculously desirable. You would have thought the High Street would have churned out a decent copy by now, but no :( x

  8. I love the spot tights...I love the poly!

    My Xmas list consists of cool headphones (^_^)


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