Fail Friday.

I just spent about 45 minutes tinkering about on Polyvore and accidentally closed the window somehow. VERY annoying.

I always have bad Polyvore luck. I usually hit the backspace key to delete something and it goes back a page, and i lose everything.

So, I DID intend to post my christmas wishlist, but am now in a slight rage which can only be quelled by Tesco 25p Tortillas and television, so I will have to get off this machine.

This has been the latest in a serious of fails today, mostly money related. Little tip for you students, make sure you pay money into your Natwest student overdraft every month otherwise they will ask you to pay £600 upfront right before christmas! Luckily, through my powers of persuasion and sparkling wit, I charmed them into making it 'only' £300. Go me..!

On a happier note, Dorothy Perkins contacted me a while back to contribute to their new Style Society blog, and the post I wrote went live today, so please check it out if you wanna hear about my not so rock 'n' roll nightlife antics!

Hope y'all are having a fail-free Friday ♥


  1. I am a new reader of your blog, it is really great. My friday has been filled with fails too, I hope things get better tomorrow!


  2. Thank you so much, it is always nice to have a new visitor! Well done on your Style Society post, I went and read it and now I definitely want to go to the club you mentioned. If you are nosey you have definitely come to the right place, I look forward to sharing more secrets with you :)


  3. Ah that sucks about Natwest, hope it doesn't happen to me...

  4. Gem your style society post is amazing I love your writing styles!! Pretty rock 'n' roll LOVE! I love your pics on there as well so indie, gothic, chic! :)

  5. Great post on Style Society, Oh to be a student again!

  6. Gem darling, it's a great post on Style Society! I'm too far from visiting the pub you wrote about, but if i ever get around there, i would want to drink sg there ;)

  7. Oooh, thanks for the warning re: Natwest! I don't really go into my overdraft often because I have a decent job outside of uni-time, but I'll be careful when I do!


  8. Awww, sorry to hear about your fails. I hope that better luck will follow you this week. And that's a great guest post blog at Style Society. Keep up the fab work :)

  9. totally agreee with you about cheap tesco tortillas, somehow way tastier than doritos...



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