When Henry met Debbie!

Last night my partner in crime, Hannah & I nipped to London to check out the launch of Henry Holland's new collection for Debenhams, called 'H!'. We obviously didn't get the memo about Oxford Street turning on their lights at the same time, which we found out about when we were on the tube to Oxford Circus & the bloke came over the tannoy to remind us that the train wouldn't be stopping at Oxford Circus (our desired destination) due to overcrowding! A slightly chaotic detour ensued, but we got there in the end!

As soon as we set foot in the pinky/purple lit room, we felt at home! The designs were set out on mannequins around the centre of the room. For some reason, in all the excitement about attending the launch, I forgot that there would actually be clothes there. And the clothes were LUSH! And SO cheap! It makes it so much easier to write about this collection because I am genuinely lusting after 80% of it! Hence the annoying capitals and exclamations! That's just how I roll.

Join me on a trip to grainsville - courtesy of me forgetting my digital camera & having to use my mobile! What a fool.

I fell for this bikini! Ruffles are my life.
Hawaiian cropped cuteness!
All of the dresses were around £30!

This will be having an outerwear moment when I get my mits on it!
Why does awesome lining make me want something even more? It's not like anyone will see it!

I love this Parka! Only £40!

Yummy Rose & Lychee cocktails!

Henry chatting to the legend that is Hilary Alexander!

I met Henry and he was a lovely chap. I managed to resist my drunken urge to joke "Which one are you, John or Edward?! Loved the Britney cover!" which seemed like the greatest idea ever at the time. (Non-UK readers, if you don't yet know about 'Jedward', they are the joke of this years X Factor... and my guilty pleasure!)

(I wasn't actually dressed for the gym, I had skinnies and heels on too!)

It was a fab night and great to meet some of the people involved in creating the collection & organising the event.

The collection is out in February and I truly can't wait!


  1. Ohh that bikini is utterly divine.

  2. ooo great post, some of the bits look seriously good!

  3. Some of those dresses are so adorable. The cocktails sound yummy too. :)

  4. this is awesome...
    is it available in all debs stores?


  5. I hope to be rocking that bikini this summer!

  6. Ohh, I'm sooo envy you met him ;))))
    All these clothes and accesories are awesome!!! It's a shame not to have any Debenhams in my country

  7. Thanks for your comments guys, glad you're liking it as much as me!
    Laura - I think it's available in 56 stores or something, so probably at your nearest big Debenhams!

  8. Hey Miss,

    Did you ask me for the time in the toilet?? It seemed you had been running an hour late for the last week! Was that you?

    tea soon?


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